The ABC Murders | Review

 The ABC Murders |  Review

The ABC Murders, arrives with only 3 episodes on GloboPlay, and gives us a new, somewhat controversial, but interesting adaptation of the stories of the famous author Agatha Christie and his greatest creation, Detective Poirot.

The time has now come for the book of the same name, released in 1936, to win the canvases and deliver us a slightly darker production, less focused on investigative work and more on the motivations of its characters, both villains and good guys.

John Malkovich in The ABC Murders (2018)The ABC Murders – Review | Photo: Prime Video

In production, we have a story without the glamor and refinement that surrounds the famous researcher. Even so, The ABC Murders, is guaranteed and puts the talented John Malkovich like the detective, where the actor plays an older, wiser, and even more tired version of Hercule. Of course, Malkovich, does a fantastic job of taking off his hat, running his hand over his mustache and smoking a cigarette calmly. But not everything is perfect.

In The ABC Murders, the actor conveys a character dejected by years of work and haunted by past decisions. The curious that even the investigative plot, about the alphabet killer that gives the name to the series, is left a little aside, after all, in production, we already know, right off the bat, in the first minutes, who the character is that will move the story and the way it attacks its victims.

Here, the English killer kills people whose names and surnames begin with the same letter, leaves a copy of the rail guide with the letter in question, and a female sock with their victims. Thus, the mysterious figure leaves all of England in a climate of tension and pure terror and, as we are in a work by Agatha Christie, not everything is what it seems to be and everyone ends up on the list of suspects.

The first episode, although a little tiring and too long, serves to introduce us Cust (Eamon Farren), a disturbed boy who comes to live in a village in the middle of London, not very well frequented, with his briefcase on his lap and a typewriter.

With that, the script of The ABC Murders, also focuses on presenting to the public for this new version of Poirot. Here, the detective no longer has the prestige and importance with the Scotland Yard that you once had. And the series gets it right by making that very clear, with the tone of difference that the new (and much younger!) English police chief has with the detective.

Rupert Grint in The ABC Murders (2018)The ABC Murders – Review | Photo: Prime Video

THE Inspector Crome (Rupert Grint, very well) in The ABC Murders, he sees the alphabet killer as a stone in his shoe, as well as the presence of Poirot in his glue. The series is also right to show and portray, throughout its episodes, the daily life of England in the 1930s, with a bucolic and sad air, where both the victims and the people involved in their lives seem have something to hide.

And that goes from an English Lord full of money and titles that nurtures an affection for his secretary, even a beautiful young woman who is the soul of the parties in a city in the English countryside. The victims’ story seems to be connected, with each other, where the killer seems to follow the same pattern with them, and of course, the deaths mysteriously have connections with Poirot’s past.

Thus, throughout the episodes, Poirot’s keen eye for clues and for putting together the puzzle pieces, Christie’s classic brand, is not as prominent as in other adaptations of the detective, whether on TV or in the cinema. In The ABC Murders, we see Malkovich working much more on the psychological of the detective, where the productions deliver narrative arcs that involve prejudices against immigrants and sexual issues. We also see that the new wave of killings makes Poirot even begin to doubt himself and does not seem to be at his best.

For lovers of mystery plots and a good puzzle, the last chapter concludes the plot in a way that is more than satisfactory and in the best style of the author. Malkovich gives an acting show, and is the main attraction to watch the series. Like this, The ABC Murders, when finished, leaves us with a single question: What are the next cases that Poirot de Malkovich will investigate? We have to wait and see, we just know that we want more.

The ABC Murders is available on Globoplay.