The 5 best national productions available on Netflix

The 5 best national productions available on Netflix

THE Netflix is famous for its variety of series, films and documentaries. In addition to making this content available, it has also gotten positive responses from the public about its recent original productions. In Brazil, the first national series produced by Netflix was and it was a success.


Today, there are several original and national films and series offered. Here the top five national Netflix productions, check out:


3% netflix

Imagine participating in a selection process full of challenges, in which only 3% of people are selected. This is exactly what happens in the first national production of Netflix, with the creation of Pedro Aguilera.

In a post-apocalyptic future in which the planet is a devastated place, there are two realities: that of the Continent, a miserable region with few resources; and Maralto, a region abundant of resources and opportunities.

Upon completing 20 years of age, every citizen receives the chance to go through the Process, a rigorous selection of physical, moral and psychological tests that offers the chance to have better living conditions in Maralto. However, only 3% of those enrolled are successful and, during the testing period, young people go through a series of challenges and disagreements to be overcome.


Maria Luiza is a conservative girl and dependent on her father and husband Pedro. However, everything changes when Pedro disappears when he travels to Rio de Janeiro, in the late 1950s, to set up a restaurant, but Maria Luiza follows her husband and discovers that she has been abandoned.

She ends up transforming the restaurant into a bossa nova club and begins to discover a new world with feminist and liberal women. The series features Fernanda Vasconcellos, Pathy Dejesus, Maria Casadevall and Thaila Ayala in the cast.


tune Netflix series

The production has a different look that shows the dreams and problems of the São Paulo peripheries. The 2019 series, created by KondZilla, Guilherme Quintella and Felipe Brag, brings the stories of three young friends living in the same favela in São Paulo.

Doni, Nando and Rita grew up together and gradually discovered the world of drug trafficking, religion and music. However, their childhood experiences led them to take very different paths. Now, this trio knows that only they themselves can end the problems generated and make their dreams come true.


Cristina is an honest lawyer and discovers that her brother who disappeared years ago is in prison for being the leader of a criminal faction. She is then forced by the police to work as an informant.

But as she infiltrates the faction, the girl faces a moral dilemma and begins to question her values ​​about law and justice. The series is developed in eight episodes and has Seu Jorge and Naruna Costa in the cast.


the chosen netflix

Full of enigmas and suspense, the production has the cast Paloma Bernardi, Renan Tenca and Gutto Szuster. The plot involves three young doctors, who are tasked with vaccinating the inhabitants of an isolated village in the Pantanal against a new mutation in the Zika virus.

When they arrive at the site, they are not well received, the local population refuses treatment and doctors come into conflict. However, the reason behind the refusal is linked to the fact that the people say they are cured through the local healer and his way of treating diseases without using medicine.

Despite dividing opinions, the series covers several themes and genres, mainly drama and suspense. In addition, Netflix invested in the film’s photography featuring many night scenes, which guarantee a great visual and draw attention.



the netflix engine

Inspired by real events, it counts on Selton Mello playing a retired Federal Police delegate, who is obsessed with the case he investigates. He and his apprentice are involved in one of the largest investigations of embezzlement and money laundering in the history of Brazil, involving state-owned companies and contractors.

The proportion of the scandal completely changes the lives of everyone involved. In addition to Selton Mello, the series features Enrique Diaz and Caroline Abras and was created by Elena Soares and José Padilha.


The Brazilian version of reality is a competition in which 300,000 reais are at stake. Participants live in the same building, but in different apartments, and compete through a social network :.

Here, everyone connects and can chat, play and, to win, they have to connect with as many people as possible and become popular. However, attention is needed, as people can even create characters to achieve the goal.

Recently, given the success of viewers, Netflix announced that it will renew for the second season.

Despite the selection, the service catalog also has other good national productions that are available on the platform.

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