The 5 best Instagram lives to watch in quarantine

anitta makes live on instagram

During the Quarantine, several Brazilian personalities started to share lives on their profiles on Instagram to entertain his followers and encourage them to stay in their homes during the outbreak of the new coronavirus. Check out 5 lives made by celebrities that you can not miss:

anitta makes live on instagram

The best Instagram lives during quarantine

Remember that lives only remain on social networks for 24 hours, so you need to be aware of when the live exhibitions of the personalities you want to attend will occur.

1. Anitta

The singer Anitta is impressing her fans with the series of lives she has published on her social network. The famous woman has already taught her followers how to prepare lunch, how to fortify themselves in daily training during quarantine and even taught French classes for beginners. The transmissions take place at different times as announced by the artist.

2. Fabio Porchat

The comedian of Porta dos Fundos, Fabio Porchat, announced that he will make a live every day at 7pm on his Instagram profile interviewing celebrities. The first interviewee was Luciano Hulk and other celebrities like Xuxa, Bruna Marquezine and Paulo Gustavo have already confirmed their participation in the comedian’s lives.

3. Italo Marsili

Coach Italo Marsili is also promoting lives on his Instagram during the quarantine period. In addition to the live broadcasts, which take place daily at 12:50 pm, the professional also answers questions from his followers about life, including questions about coronavirus and how to manage his business during quarantine.

4. Chico Salgado

Personal trainer Chico Salgado, official trainer of Brazilian celebrities, has been doing morning lives with several celebrities from Brazil. Live broadcasts generally take place between the hours of 8 am to 11 am. During the quarantine, the personal already published training sessions with Anitta, Larissa Manoela, Angelica, Grazi Massafera, among other famous people.

5. Rita Lobo

Cook Rita Lobo is posting a series of lives on her Instagram profile of healthy and affordable recipes to make at home. The chef is doing live broadcasts daily at different times, at 12 noon, 5 pm and 9 pm. For those who miss the live, the cook records the live broadcasts and publishes them on Youtube.