The 5 best animes of the 90s – the drawings that are successful today

The 5 best animes of the 90s – the drawings that are successful today

Anime, or in Japanese Anime, is the name given to the famous animations created in Japan. Most animes have manga, which is the written version of anime, that is, in ‘comics’. Many think that Anime is a genre, but in fact it is a medium, which can derive from manga and even become a movie – and each story can be classified into several genres.

The features of anime are well defined: big eyes, bright colors, a lot of brightness, among other characteristics. As time passed, animes were gaining strength in Asia, and then for the whole world. The anime industry today consists of more than 430 production studios, including big names like Gainax studios, Toei Animation, among others, with anime reaching the majority of DVD sales. Remember that anime has a lot of well-produced episodes, so it’s worth the patience to watch.

In the 90s they reached a certain type of ‘peak’, making Japan much better known, including, and stoking the fans’ desire to get to know Japanese culture even more. There are anime from previous decades, for example, that are still successful today. So, let’s check out the top 5 animes of the 90s.

A decade of successful anime to this day

Sailor Moon (In Japan: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon)

From the creator Naoko Takeuchi between 1992 and 1997 the anime is derived from the manga that contains 18 volumes, with 12 main and two volumes of separate stories and also Codename: Sailor V in two volumes. At the end of 1995 the thirteen volumes of the manga sold more than 1 million copies. From the same studio as Dragon Ball, Knights of the Zodiac and Digimon, the anime has more than 200 episodes of the genre Magical Girlit is even one of the longest anime of its kind. It tells the story of an innocent 14 year old girl who meets a talking cat who reveals her identity Usagi Tsukino, for Sailor Moon, a magical warrior with the already written destiny of fighting the forces of evil on earth.

Cardcaptor Sakura (Brazil: Sakura Card Captors)

Sakura was written by CLAMP (a female quartet of manga artists formed in the 1980s). Sakura started circulating in 1996 with 12 volumes of manga. The anime was produced by the studio Madhouse, with 70 episodes, also with 2 films and 4 specials OVA (they are formats that serve as complements / parallels to the original story). The story is of a girl Sakura Kinomoto, 10 year old who accidentally releases a set of magic cards called Clow Cards. Since then she has to collect all the letters before they cause trouble for the city where she lives.

The Knights of the Zodiac (in Japanese Saint Seiya / Seinto Seiya)

Written and illustrated Masami Kurumada, first published in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump in December 1985 to 1990. It was adapted in anime with 14 episodes by Toei Animation from 1986 to 1989. But it was in the 90s that the success was worldwide. Anime was even canceled in 1989, leaving a part of the manga without animation, later in 2002 Toei Animation continued the anime, with three OVAs having 31 episodes, completed in 2008. The fifth film came a little later in 2004. And if you think that the Knights of the Zodiac have to do with a sign … it was wrong, even more because it is more astronomy than astrology. To have an organization of the knights they use the constellations. There are 5 young men of war, who fight to protect the reincarnation of the Greek goddess Athena from the forces of evil.

Dragon Ball (in Japanese Doragon Bōru)

We couldn’t leave this classic out, right ?! Okay, the anime and the manga are not from the 90s, but as we are talking about animes in the world, the height of Dragon Ball was the 90s. watch or have watched Dragon Ball. Was created by Akira Toriyama the original screening was from 1986 to 1989 with 153 episodes. Not to mention that the title of each episode was a heartbreaking spoiler. The story is of Son Goku, a young man who sets out to find the 7 dragon balls. There are many adventures, especially since after the beginning of Dragon Ball we still have the adaptation of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Yes, there are many episodes.

Cowboy Bebop (Kaubōi Bibappu)

The award-winning anime, that’s right, award-winning, critically acclaimed. So it’s worth watching. Created by Hajime Yatate containing 26 episodes and having the original exhibition in 1999. This anime is well taken in American culture, the characters’ names are also American. The story takes place in the future, in the year 2071, with a group of bounty hunters. Having several sequences of space battles. The team on the ship Bebop they must transport the man who threw poison on Mars, however, it is not easy, as there are a number of other problems. More than they already imagined I would have. This anime did not originate from the manga, two series of manga came after the anime, which also features a film, released in 2001.

The anime industry is the fastest growing and influencing young people in Japanese culture. For those who have never seen an anime, here are five suggestions of these classics that are still successful today.