The 5 best animation shorts for fun and excitement

The 5 best animation shorts for fun and excitement

At animations are fundamental to the film industry. Bringing the viewer closer to a more creative form of narration, they have different formats and genres. The strength of the cartoons is such that even a short presentation of them is highlighted. See what are the 5 best shorts animated.

5 best animated shorts to watch today

1. (1997)

Pixar’s short film came with the DVD of the film, in addition to being shown just before the film’s screening in theaters. Directed by Jan Pinkava, the short tells the story of an elderly man playing chess alone in an empty park.

won the Oscar for ‘Best Animated Short Film’ in 1997, in addition to winning an Annie Award, one of the main animation awards, in the same category.

2. (2018)

This exciting short film also won the Oscar for ‘Best Animation’ in 2019. Shown before the Pixar feature, the film depicts the story of a woman, who makes a cupcake. The food comes to life and she takes care of it as her own child.

It was directed by Domee Shi.

3. (2000)

Directed by Ralph Eggelston, this animated short from Pixar was also awarded an Oscar for ‘Best Short Film’ in 2001. In it, a different bird tries to befriend a group of birds.

The animation highlights prejudice in a very creative way.

4. (1928)

Considered as one of the most famous characters in animation, Mickey Mouse made his “debut” in this short film by the great Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks.

In it, Mickey is preparing adventures on the ship “Willie”, commanded by Captain João Bafo De Onça.

5. (2017)

Directed by Glen Keane, the short film is a love letter written by the late Kobe Bryant for the sport of which he is an idol: basketball. Distributed by the go90 service, the film won the Oscar for ‘Best Animated Short Film’ at the 2018 ceremony.