The 10 biggest dogs in the history of comics

The 10 biggest dogs in the history of comics

Whenever the subject “dog” comes up, there is no way to forget the old saying that “the dog is man’s best friend”. And that is also true of the comic book world, in which several dogs are faithful companions of the heroes, and in many cases, they also have superpowers.

Check out the 10 biggest dogs in the history of comics below

10) Rex the Wonder Dog


Rex the Wonder Dog is a white German Shepherd who is often compared to Krypto, but he came three years before the superdog. It was created in 1952, by the writing Robert Kanigher and the artist John Broome.

Rex was injected with a serum that gave him superior strength, intelligence, speed and energy. He did participate in World War II, but after that he became a mere canine detective.

9) Ace the Bat-Dog


Ace the Bat-Dog made his first appearance on the 92nd pages of Batman. Ace was found by Robin while he was swimming behind his owner’s kidnappers in the Gotham River. Robin gave him a mask, which hid the diamond-shaped mark on his forehead, after Ace followed them during a case.

In “Rebirth”, Ace was one of the Joker’s guard dogs, who after being left in a pit without food, ended up killing the other dogs until he was discovered by Batman. He was eventually rescued by Alfred, who trained him and gave him as a Christmas present to Bruce Wayne.

8) Ideiafix


Ideiafix is ​​a Terrier that belongs to Obelix, the eternal right hand of Asterix, in the French series The Adventures of Asterix. Ideiafix began his journey in the series as an unnamed puppy, who followed the two heroes in the fifth book in the series, Asterix and the Return to Galia.

7) Milu


Milu, Tintin’s eternal companion in The Adventures of Tintin, is a white Fox Terrier, which was created by cartoonist Hergé, creator of the series. He made his debut in January 1929, on the pages of a youth supplement for a Belgian newspaper.

At first, he started out as an anthropomorphic animal, before actually becoming a dog. Milu served as a comic distraction and was able to “talk” with other animals and humans. He always tried to give some warnings to Tintin, who always understood everything in the form of barking, but readers were able to read his messages.

6) Cosmo


Cosmo is head of security for the Luganenhum space station, which is at the limit of space-time. Possibly inspired by Laika, the Golden Retrivier / Labrador was sent into space by the Soviets to determine whether space travel was possible. He ended up stopping at the station, and developed telepathic and telekinetic powers. His first appearance was in the fourth edition of “Nova”, in 2008.

Cosmo is also a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, in a way. He even appeared in the team’s first film, in the post-credit scene, alongside Howard, the Duck.

5) Thori


Thori is Loki’s pet dog, and made his first appearance at number 632 of Journey to Mystery, released on Christmas 2011. He was given to God by his mother, Garm, who cannot care for him and his brothers on his own. of her duties as guardian of the gates of the underworld.

Loki, in fact, should have found owners for Thori and his six brothers, but the dog’s explosive temper and dirty mouth proved to be a challenge. Loki was instructed to destroy the dog, but ended up staying with Thori, after identifying with him.

4) Dentinho


Dentinho is a giant bulldog that has mutated after coming in contact with the substance Terrígena Mist. He is a member of the Inhumans, and made his first appearance in the 45th edition of Fantastic Four. He has the ability to teleport himself and groups of people to distant locations.

He is currently a companion to Kamala Khan, the current Miss Marvel, as a way to protect the heroine from any danger.

3) Lucky the Dog Pizza


Lucky, also known as Cão Pizza, made his comic debut in the fourth volume of Gavião Arqueiro. Lucky revolted against his abusive owners after the hero gave him a piece of pizza, and ended up being run over by a taxi after saving Clint Barton from being shot.

After recovering, Lucky helped Barton turn around (after the hero suffered a crisis) and helped him again in the fight against his former owners.

2) Bandit


Bandit is a cybernetically improved Labrador, who was modified by the United States Army after losing his family. Together with a cat and a rabbit, who went through the same process, Bandit was released by his breeder, and the animals decided to seek their owners across the country.

Bandit appeared in the WE3 comic, from an alternative DC publisher, which deals with more adult stories. For example, cybernetic implants gave Bandit and his two friends limited speech, which added a moving side to the abuse they suffered.

1) Krypto the Superdog


Krypto the Superdog is Superman’s pet dog and made his first appearance in the 210th edition of Adventura Comics. Created by Curt Swan and Otto Binder, he was already the pet of Kal-El (Kryptonian name of the hero) in Krypton, and was sent into space to test the rocket that took its owner to Earth.

Having the same superpowers as the owner, training Krypto was a real challenge, as he liked to chase planes and even meteors. In the New 52, ​​Krypto was even sucked into the Phantom Zone during the destruction of Krypton, but ended up being rescued by an already adult Superman.

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