Thanos has his Christian name revealed in the comics

Thanos tem seu nome de batismo revelado nos quadrinhos

Thanos, the Mad Titan, had his given name revealed in the latest issue of the magazine that bears his name. In an arc that shows the villain’s past, the information ended up being revealed by the Supreme King.

The bow revealed that the Supreme King is an older version of Thanos himself, who is trying to win back Death, the Titan Titan’s eternal love. In order for him to believe the story, the Supreme King reveals his baptismal name, given by his mother on the day she died. The villain’s real name is Dione.

In the current story, Death plays games of confusion with Thanos, of which no details have yet been revealed. More information is expected for the next edition.

See the moment when the Supreme King reveals Thanos’ Christian name, Dione:


About the Crazy Titan

Thanos, called the Mad Titan, was created in 1973 by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin, having his first appearance in issue number 55 of Iron Man. Passionate about the personification of Death, he created the Infinity Gauntlet, which guarantees him a very high level of power, just to impress his beloved.

He would have been born on Titan, Saturn’s moon, from which he decimated the population, including his family, always with the intention of pleasing Death. The Mad Titan poses a threat to Earth when he arrives on our planet in search of the Jewels of Infinity, responsible for the power of his gauntlet.

Thanos will be the main villain of Avengers: Infinity War, which hits theaters next May.