Thanos creator praises Josh Brolin

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Jim Starlin, in partnership with Mike Friedrich, introduced Thanos to Marvel Comics in 1973, in the 55th edition of Iron Man magazine, and Stalin was present at the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War to see his creation come to life on movie screens. Regarding the film and the character, he comments on his Facebook:

“Avengers: Infinity War! I really have to be careful what I say here so as not to spoil the many surprises that this film keeps (even for me). So let me keep the superficialities, with some details released at the end, about Josh Brolin. Visually spectacular, as are all Marvel movies. “

He continues: “But this film reaches emotional depths that few of the others have come close to, but humor occupies the center of the stage at all times of rights. There are times in my chest it contracted for what I was seeing, making me want to cry You’ll recognize these cases when you’re watching the movie. Brolin is an amazing Thanos, moving and getting emotional just like I tried to portray him in the comics. The two and a half years of film went almost unnoticed. I feel like I’m going to have to see the film several times before I can understand how good it is. Still at that very dazed point. “

To conclude: “Yes, I know that my opinion must be considered a little biased, because of my connection with the production, but the Russians, Markus, McFeely and everyone involved in this film have my sincere thanks for bringing the favorite Titan from everyone to life in the best possible way, in an impressive, jaw-dropping way. Ten out of ten thumbs up. Speaking of which: a special thanks to Ryan Potter for all his help in the after party. “

It seems that he really liked what he saw.

Avengers: Infinity War has been in theaters since April 26. Watch the trailer below: