Terraria: new full game update is finally released

Terraria: new full game update is finally released

An adventure game that mixes magic, physical combat and makes you become a builder, create shelters and go out in search of ores. It looks like Minecraft, but we’re talking about Terraria. On May 16th, studio Re-Logic released update 1.4, called “Journey’s End.”

Check out the trailer for the Terraria update:

Some fans understood that “Journey’s End” would be the game’s last update, while others believe that small updates will still be promoted by the developer soon. Don’t be sad, as it is still possible to play / create game mods through tmod.

In the previous update, 1.3, players were introduced to Expert Mode. Now, we have Master Mode, which increased the damage of all enemies, making the player have to explore his entire biome for weapons and enchantments before facing a new challenge.

The new update supplied the game with more than 800 new items, bosses, biomes and graphical improvements. If you plan to play for fun, get ready! If you don’t take care of yourself, your world will be an eternal cemetery biome, as your gravestones will multiply with each adventure.

According to Steam, Terraria was the third game with the most simultaneous hits on the weekend of its launch, second only to Dota and CS GO, respectively. In April, the game became the thirteenth best seller of all time on the platform.

Million 30 million copies sold! To celebrate, Terraria is 50% off on @Steam this week! https://t.co/I9gtg00pqt 🍾🎈 pic.twitter.com/aZ6fo1teuQ

– Terraria Official (@Terraria_Logic) March 31, 2020

Have you ever played Terraria – “Journey’s End”?

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