‘Tenet’: All about the Christopher Nolan film with Robert Pattinson

tenet film Christopher Nolan

Many are already looking forward to the acclaimed director’s new film Christopher Nolan, . The filmmaker’s curriculum includes box-office films such as the franchise and the famous (), 2010; (), from 2006; and (Interstellar), 2014. See, here, everything we know about.

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Christopher Nolan is known for creating original, deep stories that usually require the audience to watch them more than once in order to fully understand the film’s ideas. , it seems, will follow this tradition.

marks Nolan’s 11th feature film, after 2017. He has put together a new and diverse cast to help tell the story of. One of the details of the film came from one of the film’s stars, actor Robert Pattinson, who said in an interview that the script is “unreal” and that he was locked in a room to read it.

Cast of

tenet film cast

Nolan put together a large and talented cast for the film. To start, the star of (2018) John David Washington, is the Protagonist (literally, this is the name), who joins a secret organization called, while Robert Pattinson plays an agent from that organization, called Neil.

The actor Kenneth Branagh plays a Russian villain who can communicate with the future, while Elizabeth Debicki plays his wife. Meanwhile, the Bollywood actor, Denzil Smith, plays a powerful arms dealer. Dimple Kapadia, Michael Caine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clémence Poésy, Himesh Patel, Martin Donovan and Sean Avery have also been cast in roles that have yet to be released.

According to the portal, this formation of the cast is unique, because it is the first time that they work together in a film. All actors are very talented and are more than accustomed to playing dramatic characters.

The history of

tenet film Christopher Nolan

The story of is still very mysterious. What we do know is that the Protagonist (Washington) begins to work for the Tenet organization in order to try to prevent a future catastrophe that would devastate the world.

To do this, he must use something called “time inversion”. Despite this, Nolan said it is not a time travel film – a trademark of Nolan’s previous films.

This film is not a time travel film. It deals with time and the different ways in which time can work. Not to enter a physics class, but inversion is this idea of ​​material that had its entropy reversed, so it is going backwards in time, in relation to us.

Explained Nolan in an interview with.

Release date of

At first, the release would take place on July 17 this year – it would be the first major film to welcome audiences back to theaters after the health crisis. But with coronavirus cases on the rise in the United States, Warner Bros. had no choice but to postpone it, initially, to July 31 and is now scheduled to debut on August 12.

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