Ten songs that marked the decade of 10

Ten songs that marked the decade of 10

At the end of last year, the Billboard published the list of the 100 hits that defined the last decade. The list reveals how music and its industry have evolved over the past ten years, investing more and more in representativeness and the potential to generate discussions. We highlight 10 songs among those 100, taking into account the quality of the clip, the popularity of and its content.

Baby – Justin Bieber

Released: January 2010
Album: My World 2.0

There are even those who wrinkle their noses, but there is no denying that Justin bieber one of the most successful singers in the last decade. After that release, Bieber was considered the “prince of pop”. The chewing gum refrain, the super romantic teen comedy clip, JB’s innocent face (who could have guessed, right ?!) and the haircut that marked a generation: there was no way it couldn’t be one of the highlights on the list.

Among the achievements are “MuchMusic Video Award: UR Fave Video” (2010), “Billboard Award: Best Streaming Music (Video)” (2011) and “Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award: Favorite Song” (2011).

Still in 2010, it is worth remembering the launch of, Lady Gaga, for the important message that the song sends. The debate on sexuality, gender, race and ethnicity has evolved a lot over the decade, in part due to the contribution of artists, who joined the discussion. Lady Gaga said that she suffered bullying when she was younger, and that is why the lyrics of it contain a strong personal burden.

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Year: 2012
Digital Download

marked the year 2011, taking off the Canadian’s career Carly Rae Jepsen. With a creative clip, his chorus stuck in his mind for days and, even today, amuses the crowd. is one of those songs that pop out of nowhere and mark an artist.

“MTV Europe Music Award for Best Song” (2012), “Billboard: Best Digital Music” (2013) and “Billboard: Best Pop Music” (2013) are three of the awards won by.

2011 also brought us, Demi Lovato. The song marked a new phase in the singer’s life, after a very turbulent period. So it has become very representative for people who want to start over after a complicated situation.

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

Year: 2012
Album: Continued Silence EP

is one of the most famous songs by imagine Dragons and it certainly marked the history of indie rock. His clip, which features Alexandra Daddario, manages to make a social critique in a creative way and even with a certain humor.

Imagine Dragons won three important awards with: “Teen Choice Award: Best Rock Song” (2013), “Billboard: Best Streaming Music” (2014) and “Grammy Award: Best Rock Performance” (2014).

Royals – Lorde

Year: 2013
Album: The Love Club

consecrated the singer Lord, which came with a very alternative vibe. There are not many times when indie appears on the Billboard list, but it followed the trend of Imagine Dragons and (indie pop), Gotye, 2012 milestones. Lorde pleased and played non-stop for months on the radio.

“Grammy Award: Song of the Year” (2014), “Billboard Award: Best Rock Music” (2014) and “MTV Video Music Award: Best Rock Clip” (2014) are some of the achievements of


Year: 2014
Album: Voices

“” Became a photo caption for many people. For that reason alone, we can already imagine how great it was in 2014. The clip has a super artistic and unusual footprint, from sequence and photography to costume and, mainly, choreography. For this, Sia featured the talent of dancer, actress and model Maddie Ziegler.

In addition to the “MTV Music Video Award: Best Choreography” (2014), Chandelier won “APRA Music Awards of Song of the Year” (2015) and “ARIA Music Award for Best Video” (2014).

Uptown Funk

Year: 2015
Album: Uptown Special

Bruno Mars has been “hitting” for a long time … But if there’s a song that caught on, it was. With a style that refers to Michael Jackson, a dance rhythm and a contagious clip, full of references, the hit left its mark in the decade.

“Grammy Award: Record of the Year”, “Grammy Award: Best Performance by Duo / Pop Group” and “MTV Video Music Award: Best Male Clip” are some of the awards won by.


Year: 2016
Album: Lemonade

it has a strong representative charge, as it deals with black pride, when talking about loving traits that are often criticized in a racist way, such as Afro hair and nose, for example, and even overcoming. In addition, both in music and in the clip, Queen Bey makes many important references. And, of course, there are several shades ironic to racist culture.

brought another Grammy to the Beyonce, this time for Best Clip, in 2017. Among many other awards, the song won the “Soul Train Music Award: Music of the Year” (2016) and the “MTV Video Music Award: Clip of the Year” (2016).


Year: 2017
Album: Life

was a milestone for Latin music, after all, among many reasons, the fact that Luis Fonsi managed to get on the Billboard list: we know how difficult it is for music from outside the United States to hit the spot to occupy a position. The reggaeton rocked so much, that there was even a remix with Justin bieber singing in Spanish.

The hit earned Luis Fonsi three Grammy’s Latino: “Best Record of the Year”, “Best Song of the Year” and “Best Music Video”, two Billboard Awards: “Best Hot 100 Music” and “Best Latin Music”, in addition to the several achievements in the “Billboard Latin Music Award”, such as “Best Latin Song”.


Year: 2018
Album: Camila

Is it chewing gum music that you want, @? Camila Cabello rocked with sexy dances in a clip with a very teenage narrative. And speaking of a teenager, Noah Centineo, one of Netflix’s heartthrobs, took part in the video, leaving everything even more in the afternoon! didn’t leave our head for a long time and even guaranteed a space at Just Dance 2019.

Among the awards are “MTV Europe Music Award for Best Song” (2018), “American Music Award for Favorite Music Video” (2018) and “MTV Video Music Award: Clip of the Year” (2018).

Bad Guy

Year: 2019
Album: When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

became one of the crowd’s favorite songs in 2019. Billie Eilish, with its different style, won over the public and has everything to become one of the current pop divas. The singer is admittedly the biggest fan of Justin Bieber since childhood, that is: the partnership with JB was a dream come true!

“MTV Europe Music Award for Best Song” and “MTV Video Music Award: Best Edition”, both in 2019, were Billie Eilish’s achievements for

So, do you agree with the highlights? Which of these hymns is your favorite? Leave here in the comments which hit you think you missed!

By Thábata Bauer – Speak! Mackenzie