Ted Bundy gets original book and series

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Theodore Robert Cowell, the Ted Bundy, was a 1970s serial killer with crimes involving signatures, kidnappings and rapes, always targeting women and victims. The criminal recently won an original Netflix series, Talking to a serial killer: Ted Bundy, which has current interviews with its victims, as well as archives and recordings from the time of its activity.

The documentary is directed by Joe Berlinger and has sparked controversy among critics, who believe the series is glamorizing a murderer, and among audiences, who find the serial killer seductive and attractive. American Netflix itself had to intervene:

“I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this supposed sensuality of Ted Bundy and I would like to kindly remind everyone that there are literally THOUSANDS of hot men on the platform – and almost none of them are convinced serial killers,” he comments on Twitter.

The book Ted Bundy – A Stranger by My Side accompanies the launch, currently in pre-order by publisher Darkside, which already has other titles about serial killers in its catalog. “We, serial killers, are your children, your husbands, we are everywhere” is the phrase by Ted Bundy that is highlighted in the work.

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