Taron Egerton really sings, gives an acting show and surprises in scenes from Rocketman; we saw 15 minutes of the film!

 Taron Egerton really sings, gives an acting show and surprises in scenes from Rocketman;  we saw 15 minutes of the film!

Rocketman arrives, only in May in theaters, but at the invitation of Paramount Pictures, we saw 15 minutes of production to prepare for this new biopic, which this time will tell the story of the singer Elton John.

Aired 2 weeks ago in the USA, and soon afterwards, on the studio panel at Cinema Con (read more here), the scenes surprise, impress, and from what was shown, they should release Rocketman like a rocket, with a giant buzz, for the next awards season.

Piggybacking on the monstrous success of Bohemian Rhapsody, comparisons to the Oscar nominated drama are inevitable, after all, both share the same director, Dexter Fletcher and tell the stories of controversial figures, even if different, but that have shaped the music scene in recent decades.

So with this preview, Rocketman it begins to gain momentum, and begin its campaign, until the nominations for the awards at the end of the year. Rumors that the studio tries to release the film at the prestigious Cannes Festival which starts a few days before the film’s premiere, scheduled for May 30 in Brazil.

Rocketman chances? Yes, at least in those 15, 20 minutes of the film we see that Taron Egerton having the strength and charisma for it, where the actor really sings, gives an acting show and surprises like the iconic singer Elton John.

Rocketman – We saw 15 minutes of the film | Photo: Paramount Pictures

Rocketman has been sold as “a fantasy that has come true ” and from what we’ve really seen that will be. Colorful, with strong colors and striking costumes, the film must be much more than a drama with songs, the production must deliver a traditional musical, with people standing and singing while the scenes take place. At the moments shown, this became clear, in full at least two passages, one when Elton John performs, and both the singer, when the audience are rocked by the music and float. And in a second moment, when we see the singer in an argument with another person who goes out humming a song in a restaurant. Everything is very theatrical, and in a way, exciting.

But, Rocketman, also, should have a good dramatization, showing the journey of young Reggie until becoming the famous Elton John. In one of the extended scenes we saw, we have the young man Reginald Kenneth Dwight show a talent for music since childhood, while your mother Sheila Eileen (Bryce Dallas Howard) tries a place in the prestigious and popular Royal Academy of Music.

The scene unfolds with the young man Reggie needing to convince a teacher of his talent, and soon after, we see the passage advance to the future, when the same, already older, asks him about going to pubs to play rock instead of classical music, and he claims not want “Play music from dead people”.

The scene cuts and passes to the singer along with friends, while they are offered to record three albums. Other passages, still pass in a confused and confused way, until the discussion of Reginald to change his name to Elton, and still discuss with a colleague who has the same name as him, about the event.

The scenes still show the preparations of John and his band for a performance in the USA, the singer’s first time in the country, at the Troubadour bar, where we met the actor’s character Tate Donavan, Doug Weston and we see for the first time, the entrepreneur John Reid (Richard Madden).

We see, then, a lot of scenes, assembled and edited especially for the video, that show Elton John suffering from success and not selling as before, “I am number 11 in Italy” he says.

Of course, Rocketman, still leaves us a hook that the film will really show Elton John and his excessive use of drugs, the various parties, shopping and sex, where in one of the moments, the character says he is addicted to it all.

In the musical part, we had the songs Crocodile Rock sung at the Troubadour performance, Yellow Brick Road, where we see the character of the actor Jamie Bell, John’s musical partner, Bernie Taupin, and still Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting, Bennie and the Jets and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.

In short, Rocketman it seems to be a very promising film and if it depends on the lobby of Paramount Pictures it should be one of the big releases of the studio in the year, just where, we hope and a lot for the long to guarantee breath until the so called awards season, because, until now, with what we’ve already seen, production has won us over.

The script was in the hands of Lee Hall.

Rocketman arrives on May 30 in theaters.