Tales from the Loop | First impressions

 Tales from the Loop |  First impressions

On April 3 he arrives at Amazon Prime Video the series Tales from the Loop with production of Matt Reeves (Monkey’s Planet, The Batman) based on Swedish art Simon Stålenhag.

The series brings a futuristic world where people and robots live on top of “the loop”, a machine powered by what they call Eclipse, which seeks to analyze and explore the universe and was created by Russ Willard (Jonathan Pryce). All stories have a connection with the past, future and present, creating so-called Loop.

In its first episode “Loop“, We have a plot that involves us, even with its slow development, and makes us want to know more about little Loretta and her search for her mother with the help of friend Cole. The unfolding explores the entire loop and makes us want to see where each plot will connect, whether in parallel realities, or disappearances without explanations.

In the 3 episodes available to check, the plots have interesting links, through their characters that evolve and need to understand their connection with the loop, and I hope to understand more in its 8 episodes. But another interesting thing is that with these episodes released, I felt that there is no certain logic to watch them, being able to see them in any order.

From producer Matt Reeves, Prime Video releases a mysterious trailer for Tales From the Loop!

Tales from the Loop it may not captivate you at first, with its long plans and almost no speech, which soon becomes a science fiction that will unfold throughout the episodes. At the same time, the photography is beautiful and its soundtrack is captivating.

Stålenhag’s work explores the union of the universe and the interaction between humans and robots, in addition to the lack of gravity of some elements, as in the image below.

Tales from the Loop was created by Nathaniel Halpernseries Legion and Outcast, and he wrote the script for every episode this season.

The series stars Rebecca Hall (Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​The Town), Paul Schneider (Parks and Recreation), Daniel Zolghardi (Eighth Grade), Duncan Joiner (Waco) and Jonathan Pryce (The Two Popes, Game of Thrones).

Tales from the Loop arrives at Amazon Prime Video on April 3.