Synnøve Macody Lund: Each review is a subjective rating [WYWIAD]

Synnøve Macody Lund: Each review is a subjective rating [WYWIAD]

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Synnøve Macody Lund, an actress who we can now watch in the series Illegal from CANAL + and in the movie The Girl in the Spider’s Web. I invite you to read.

NORBERT ZASKĂ“RSKI: In the series Illegals, you play Linda. What can we expect from this heroine?

SYNNOVE MACODY LUND: Linda is the head of SÄPO, Swedish intelligence, so of course she is a very focused professional in cold blood performing tasks. However, on the other hand, as an actress, I try to find a weakness that lies dormant in this form to make her a more complex heroine. In this case, Linda wants to do everything according to the rules. She is an impartial diplomat. She wants to have the right tactics for every situation, which drives her to paranoia at some point. In contrast, Konrad Wolski, played by Grzegorz Damięcki, has different methods of action, which leads to some conflict between our characters.

I know you were a film critic. Now, as an actress, do you read reviews of your productions?

Of course. Then I can read about how, I play [Ĺ›miech]. By following the script and getting to work on the role casually, I form an opinion about myself, which means that I can pay attention to some important detail. Each review is a subjective assessment, there is no room for objectivity in this sphere. I remember that when I was writing reviews, I was pregnant and every movie made me cry. I thought I couldn’t work on this hormone storm. That’s why you can’t really take all reviews seriously, because it’s a person’s opinion, not a huge group of people.

this is another adaptation of a famous novel in your work. What is specific about this type of production?

This is a very interesting topic. For a long time I have been dealing with this issue of literary originals and their adaptations. It’s always a difficult task for filmmakers, because fans of books have in their heads already arranged a picture of what this story should look like on the screen. However, they must understand that a novel is one thing, and cinema and television are a completely different sphere in which some freedom is needed for something to work properly. In the case of the movie Headhunters, in which I played, the project was more harsh than the literary original, The Girl in the Spider’s Web is, in turn, more part of a larger universe, somewhat reminiscent of Marvel’s productions. Unfortunately they did not come out in translation, so in this case I had to rely on the script itself.

I just wanted to ask about the adaptation of the next part of the Millenium series. how would you describe the character you play?

Actually, I play a similar role as in, because I also play the role of the head of SÄPO. First, we shot this production in Berlin, then I spent three months on the set of the CANAL + series, so in fact I played the boss of Sapo for a year [śmiech]. My heroine is called Gabriella Grane, she is the same type of woman as Linda, she is just as unique.

I heard that you started in the role of Specter, the latest film about the adventures of James Bond to date. This is true?

Yes. A huge number of European actresses have been interviewed for this role. I was in the final eight at the casting. Then I met production director Sam Mendes at Pinewood Studios in London. I’m a movie nerd, so it was something special for me [Ĺ›miech]. Unfortunately I did not receive this role. Such a flow of things is obviously sad for the actor, but also ennobling. At that time, I had one movie behind me. Now, after finishing shooting, I know that I would not be able to cope with such a task after just one filmed production, so I am glad that I did not get engaged then. But now another part of Bond is ahead of us, so who knows, maybe I’ll try my hand again.

. I can safely say that you feel perfectly in the spy world?

Yes apparently [śmiech]. On the other hand, maybe this world loves me. I do not know. I am glad that I can participate in such productions and I hope that the viewers will like them.

What’s so fascinating about this world?

This is a very interesting question of who the spies really are, which game they play, which side they are on, because they are very good at hiding their true intentions. In fact, it is a game in the game where, as observers, they must be prepared to enter into close relationships, form alliances or simply cold manipulation. It is fascinating, but also difficult to play. You can then show it on many levels of actor expression, which is great, but very difficult to perform.

Replays of the first two episodes of the series will take place on Saturday at 21:00 episode 1 at 21:55 episode 2. The third premiere episode on Sunday at 21:30 at CANAL +.

Source: main photo: Piotr Litwic / Canal +