Suzano Massacre: Rafa Kalimann performs in the video ‘A Begining in Me’

Suzano Massacre: Rafa Kalimann acts in clip

Suzano Massacre: Rafa Kalimann acts in clip

Suzano Massacre: Rafa Kalimann performs in video about Samuel Melquiades

The clip is based on real events and depicts the Suzano Massacre, which took place in 2019, when two snipers entered State Professor Raul Brasil and killed 5 students and 3 school officials. The music video shows the story of Samuel Melquiades, one of the fatal victims of the attack.

According to witnesses, Samuel died while trying to help a friend in the terrorist situation. In honor of the deceased, the music video shows how the facts would have occurred. Rafa Kalimann plays the role of Samuel’s mother in the emotional video.

Thrilled with the result. This work is more than the music video for an incredibly special song for me. Samuel died in the Suzano attack and left us a beautiful lesson.

Rafa Kalimann said on Instagram

The song that gives life to the clip talks about the need for love as a social pillar and says that this virtue must start in ourselves.

I respected a lot playing this role thinking about each mother who lived this pain, and mainly, representing his mother who allowed us. I cried watching it, I know it will impact you. Thank you for the privilege of being part of this work, Vocal_Livre.

Finished the ex-BBB

The Suzano Massacre had 8 fatalities that will never be forgotten.

Samuel Melquíades Silva de Oliveira, 15 years old.Claiton Antônio Ribeiro, 17 years old.Douglas Murilo Celestino, 16 years oldKaio Lucas Costa Limeira, 15 years old.Eliana Regina de Oliveira Xavier, 38 years old.Marilena Umezo, 59 years old.Caio Oliveira, 15 years old. Jorge Antônio de Moraes, 51 years old.