Supernatural premieres its 15th and final season on the Warner Channel on the 22nd

Supernatural premieres its 15th and final season on the Warner Channel on the 22nd

The epic journey of the Winchester brothers begins to say goodbye, after incredible adventures facing the most diverse supernatural beings, angels and demons. To save humanity they face dark forces from which anyone would run, but Sam and Dean, without armor, special clothes or superpowers, can always move on.

THE Warner Channel premieres the 15th and final season of Supernatural on October 22, at 9:40 pm.

In the fourteenth season, the brothers had a one-on-one battle with God. Dean was prepared to kill Jack, but on the way he repented and provoked the wrath of God (Chuck), since, according to him, this was not how the story should end. This situation allowed the brothers to realize that God was always aware of the different conflicts they were going through and accused him of causing suffering just for fun. Since Dean didn’t kill Jack, God decided to do it on his own, with a simple snap of his fingers. After that, Sam shot God, who decided to end the history of mankind, welcoming the brothers at the end. Then, a series of zombies began to surround Castiel and the Winchester Brothers.

For the fifteenth season, Sam and Dean must face this zombie apocalypse in an extreme situation of life and death. It is true that both survived and resurrected from many events, but as it is the last season there are no guarantees, since they face God Himself.

The action returns to the same spot where Dean, Sam and Castiel were attacked by a mob of zombies. Now they need to defend humanity from all the souls from hell who were released on Earth to kill again. And, for sure, they will have to enlist more help than they would like to request.

Supernatural has as protagonists Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Jensen Ackles (Dean), Misha Collins (Castiel), Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Rob Benedict (God is Alexander Calvert (Jack).

Supernatural opens October 22 on the Warner Channel at 9:40 pm.