Superman defends immigrants from white supremacist in new HQ

Superman defends immigrants from white supremacist in new HQ

New DC Comics comic book features Superman defending undocumented immigrants from a white supremacist. Publication was launched a week after the President of the United States, Donald Trump, canceled the program that protected immigrants who arrived in the country when they were still children.

In the story, a white American wears a bandana in the colors of the US flag and carries a gun. He opens fire on a group of immigrants, but Superman steps in front and deflects the projectiles.

“Stop it!” Orders the superhero. “Because? They ruined me! ”Asks the man. Superman takes the boy by the collar, destroys his weapon and says: “The only person responsible for the sadness in your soul is you!” Police officers arrive at the scene and take the man away.

The story was published a week after Trump ended, on the last 5, the Deferred Action for the Arrivals of Children (Dhaka) program, instituted by former President Barack Obama to protect against deportation and grant work permits to 800 1,000 undocumented youth who arrived as children in the country and are known as “dreamers”.

In addition, in the last month of August, the United States was shaken by protests by white supremacist groups. Donald Trump has suffered harsh criticism for allegedly supporting such groups.