Supermãe, by Ziraldo, wins work in celebration of its 50 years

Supermãe, by Ziraldo, wins work in celebration of its 50 years

At the end of the 1960s, a famous character emerged with unlimited powers and clothes in blue, yellow and red. Whoever thought of Superman did not know the feats of Dona Clotildes. Ziraldo portrayed with great humor the exaggerated zeal and melodramatic appeals of The Super Mom, from 1968 to 1984, in strips of Brazil Newspaper and on the pages of the magazine Claudia.

Being the oldest of 7 siblings, Ziraldo was the first grandson and the first nephew. “Even with the mistreatment and the pampering, he learned to manage by himself from an early age and found his new friends from Rio very funny, who had time to return home and were terrified of ‘mommy’“, Comments Guto Lins presentation of the work. “He took care of his brothers, he left for Rio leaving his mother crying at the Caratinga bus station…. and there was no mistaking the lack of independence of ‘big guys’ of his own age. According to him, the Supermummy’s seed was planted after this observation“, Adds Guto, setting the tone of what can be found in the pages of the work that celebrates the 50th anniversary of this super personage.

Like Ziraldo, The Super Mom it is timeless and eternal. In the commemorative edition, in addition to 16 years of history, sketches, unpublished texts and curiosities are also presented. The almanac reproduces these stories from the final art or printed pages of the originals already lost in time, to register the creativity and style of one of the greatest designers in the country.

A pioneer in the graphic arts, Ziraldo started to influence generations with his typographic expressiveness. “The lines of the lines are almost characters! The title of the pages of our heroine, for example, varies according to the context. And the richness of the details in the line or the subtle expressions of a look, a corner of a mouth, an eyebrow strongly compose the narrative“, highlights Tarcísio Vidigal, one of the organizers of the work.

About the unpublished texts, Adriana Lins, niece of the cartoonist who also organized the work, points out that they reveal wonderful subtleties of the author, “possible to be observed and so well told only by those who are really fans and have the chance to live close to Ziraldo“. The selection of stories by D. Clotildes and his son Carlinhos narrates a “Ziraldian maternal saga”, and the cartoonist himself always considers himself a supermom who, like the character, follows in detail the children’s lives and who always wanted to know where they they were and what time they would be back.

Over the years, The Super Mom little by little, he gained identity, taking more and more space and empathizing with the other supermothers. All of them always thinking that Carlinhos’ new girlfriend is made of pure kryptonite and that the effect only ends when they become Super-Grandmothers. But this is another story…

About Ziraldo

From Caratinga, Minas Gerais, Ziraldo Alves Pinto, 86 years old, won the world with an eclectic performance as a painter, posterist, journalist, theatrist, cartoonist, caricaturist and writer. He began his career in the 1950s, in print media such as Jornal do Brasil, The Cruise and Leaf of Minas. Success as a writer came in the 1960s, when he launched The Pererê Group, the first Brazilian comic book. His debut in children’s literature was in 1969 with the book Flicts. His most famous character, however, was born later: it was in 1980 that he launched Crazy little boy, one of the biggest publishing phenomena in Brazil, with more than 100 editions and adaptations for theater, comics, children’s opera, video games and cinema. Among the many awards he received, the Andersen Superprize from Italy, 2004, for the Italian edition of the book Flicts, and the Quevedos Award 2009, the most important of graphic humor in the world, for the work as a whole stand out.