Supergirl’s Chyler Leigh takes on LGBT in text on the internet


Supergirl's Chyler Leigh takes on LGBT in text on the internet
Photo: Disclosure / The CW

Chyler Leigh, an actress known for playing Alex Danvers on the Supergirl series, went public recently to come out as a member of the LGBT community.

Through a text shared on Creating Change, a website dedicated to encouragement and inspiration of which she is a founder, she says that her character helped her to understand her sexuality, although she did not label herself in the text, which must be respected without presumptions.

Check the complete translation of his letter:

When I was told that my character would come out of the closet in season two, a flood of thoughts and emotions passed through and around me because of the responsibility I felt for authentically representing Alex’s journey. What I didn’t realize was how the scene in which she finally confessed her truth would jump from the pages of the script and become genuinely a variation of mine. In real life. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest every time we shot it, always presenting another opportunity to get those honest words out of my mouth. Although they do not correspond exactly to my personal dialogue, the heart behind it certainly did. The director, the press, the media, the cast and the fans even told me that this was the most realistic scene they have ever seen. And to steal Alex’s words, it’s because there is some truth to what she said about me. The scene is in the second season, episode 6, if you want to see it for yourself.

Here’s the big kick. Since the episode aired, I was informed by dear friends (and even avid Supergirl watchers) that they would no longer watch the program because of the fact that Alex’s journey has moved away from his less acceptable beliefs. Soon after, they started to distance themselves and eventually my family and I were excluded, marking the loss of many people we love. However, after the initial sting, I do not hold a grudge against the negative answer because, as I said, we all had difficulties in one way or another with acceptance (whatever the subject), either in relation to ourselves or to others.

It has been a long and lonely journey for my husband and me, but I can say with all my heart that after all these years, he and I are still discovering the depths of ourselves and each other, but along our journey we learn to be proud of who we are, no matter what the cost.

Supergirl returns to television in mid-2021.

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