Supergirl | 5 × 11 – Back from the Future – Part One

 Supergirl |  5 × 11 - Back from the Future - Part One

Supergirl reinforces his plot with Winn’s return and a plot that puts Brainy being used by Lex Luthor, but we still don’t know what he plans for Leviathan, but we still have his meeting with Lena …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The way Lex and Brainy thought to bring Winn was by making a version of themselves from another universe, where he is the Master of Toys, and with him released, the police of the time went after Winn who went to the future with the Legion of Heroes to arrest him for something he did.

The fact is that the return is interesting, Nia puts Brany against the wall, but does not understand what happens, and when things with the Master of Toys get out of control, he despairs, because it makes things worse for Winn. I love the way it all plays out and shows how smart Lex is to manipulate people.

Kara still uses William to try to expose Lex and Winn makes it clear that she would do anything to protect him, so it’s important to be by your side. Meanwhile, we have Andrea and Lena talking about Leviathan and as they have not yet summoned her, so the plot has been postponed to resolve some of the impasses.

I loved J’onn showing the Watchtower, but the best was Winn saying that the name of the place where Kara and Barry set up their barracks is the Hall of Justice, referring to the classic drawings of the Super Friends. I already hope that the Gleek plot, seen at the end of the crossover, will return.

Now we hope that Supergirl develop things better, but we still have a lot of moments for Winn, since Lex stole the power cube from his ship, which should leave him stuck in the plot of the season some more.