Supergirl | 5 × 10 – The Bottle Episode

 Supergirl |  5 × 10 - The Bottle Episode

Supergirl returned post-Crisis on Infinite Earths relocating everyone in this new Prime world, but focused on how Lex can disrupt everything and his greed put everyone at risk. Now, Kara has to evolve and overcome some dramas.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The focus of the episode ended up being Kor-El, or rather Brainiac-5, who saw 4 versions of himself emerge from great consciousness and also from other worlds to charge their Earth to be rebuilt. Having their land destroyed and being trapped out of the place where they arrested it was their biggest problem.

Brainiac-5 ends up leaving everything behind, removing its inhibitor and thus destroying a more advanced version of you. The problem is that he starts to think more about the future than about his more human feelings, like his love for Nia Nal.

He now thinks about how to destroy Leviathan by teaming up with Lex Luthor and they both want the future for themselves, in the Wynn case, because they need him to understand how Leviathan’s situation is ahead and this lying to everyone who has regard for him.

In the meantime, everyone is worried about what the future will be like after what they have been through… Let’s see how things will be from here, since the episode is the future of what is to come, like the relationship between Kara and Lena , or the fact that she and Alex are under the tutelage of Lex Luthor.

Let’s see how Supergirl will return to the axes after such an intense crossover.