Supergirl | 5 × 08 – The Wrath of Rama Khan

 Supergirl |  5 × 08 - The Wrath of Rama Khan

Supergirl gave me a little anxiety this week, and it wasn’t even for the conclusion of Rama Khan’s plot, or rather, for the postponement of his plot, but for the connection points with the Crisis in the Infinite Lands that already start in the next episode.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Rama Khan was again defeated by Supergirl and this time Acrata helped a lot, as Andrea used the powers that were in his medallion, against himself. Of course, even J’onn was important in this.

Except that Rama, upon returning to the Leviathan’s lair, ends up being overthrown by Gamemnae, who makes it clear that now it will be his turn to protect the Earth, because the way he acted he ended up failing.

The biggest drama was over Kara’s conversations with Lena, who didn’t give up a minute and just didn’t even use Myriad because Malefic managed to contain her lightning waves. Lena believes that she acts for good and Hope ends up threatening her life and being trapped in her place, in an unsalted turn, but that leaves Lena free to join Lex and Monitor.

Alex did his best to believe in Kara and even spare Lena, but she couldn’t let humanity be at risk because of more promises. It was an important act, but she needs to act a little more and not get involved.

In the end J’onn sent Malefic back to Mars and asked him to join M’gann to resume the planet together, and when his brother leaves, Monitor appears to tell him that he passed the test, that he saw his heart now has its greatest agony withdrawn, and it is time for the Crisis.

Soon after that, we see him go to join Lex and say that the time has come, but the villain makes it clear that he will need Lena on this journey.

Supergirl will be the kickoff for the Crisis in the Infinite Lands and I look forward to seeing what comes out of it.