Supergirl | 5 × 06 – Confidence Women

 Supergirl |  5 × 06 - Confidence Women

Supergirl paused a bit to explain the origins of Lena, Andrea and the connection with Leviathan, and in doing so managed to make us even more connected with Lena, something that the script helps a lot, but it is merit of the dear Katie McGrath.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

With a time travel to show the relationship of Lena and Andrea, what we see is Andrea showing that she is the villain of the Shadows and that she went to rescue Rip Roar, who is really Russell. Asking Lena for help in saving Rip due to her contacts with the DEO, what we see is a return to the past and the fact that Lena no longer trusts Andrea and wants what is her after the rescue …

In the past we have seen the two get together and become great friends over time, and both have problems, either with Lex and the other with their father, who wanted to commit suicide with the possibility of losing his company. Time leaves the two more and more units, until Andrea finds a medallion that Lena sought for years and takes for herself, since Leviathan gave her the future for her family, as long as she betrayed her friend.

And it is by stealing Acrasta’s medallion that she gains the power to move through the shadows, just as the prophecy said. The worst is that they do not give more details about the organization, only that they appear out of nowhere and have a huge network of participants.

In the end Lena discovers that Andrea stole it and as the story unfolds, she approaches again to have what she wanted so much. Only the medallion’s power was gone.

The way the story was told, the focus on Lena, showing more of Leviathan and Andrea, and making it clear that Lena will also fight Leviathan by accessing Eve’s memories with Hope’s help, all of which will be of great importance throughout the season in Supergirl, since soon Crisis in the Infinite Lands, which should take the focus a little.