Supergirl | 5 × 04 – In Plan Sight

 Supergirl |  5 × 04 - In Plan Sight

Everything that has been presented so far in Supergirl could have been summed up in 2 episodes… The plot they want to present for the season doesn’t move, and the “cases of the week” are bland and seem to be waiting for the resolution of the Crisis in the Infinite Lands that will come to really start showing the season working.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The focus of the episode was the return of James and Kelly to their hometown, just to show that the place now has a prison and as it is private, the more people there, the more everyone there: lawyers, judges and police.

James then decides to stay in the city and become a local reporter, placing a boy who has his father unfairly imprisoned, Simon, in the position of his photographer … The time has come to fire us, at least for now, from Mehcad Brooks.

Kara begins to distrust William, and with Nia’s help she discovers that he is there in disguise trying to discover the rotten behind Andrea Rojas, unaware that there is something much bigger. He had not yet given more details about the origin of each one, and they are only focusing on the mysterious deaths of scientists.

And finally, we have Malefic wanting to enter everyone’s mind and destroy J’onn’s reputation, only he even manages to show the truth, how the brother chose to clear his existence from everyone’s mind. Only when Lena joins the DEO to investigate a way to send him to the Phantom Zone, she ends up messing with the equipment.

With the help of Hope (Eve), Lena transports Malefic into her laboratory and there prepares a union with him to move the minds of humans …

Lena’s plans are the only thing that has excited me, as the villain is consistent and focused and the way Supergirl shows this is amazing. She is so cold that she uses Kara’s friendship to get what she wants, in search of something bigger, which is that she knows that humanity will not go wrong anymore.

And even Nia and Brainy’s relationship continues to drag on, discussing the love of an organic artificial intelligence and how it reacts to love.