Supergirl | 4 × 19 – American Dreamer

 Supergirl |  4 × 19 - American Dreamer

Supergirl he starts to walk towards the end of his season and the plots start to close, like making Ben more angry, Kasnia’s discovery and Lex’s involvement with something bigger. It remains to be hoped that the series will complete some of its plots well.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Kara decided to focus on unmasking Lex and forgot about Lena, who needed the support of a friend, and even though Supergirl and Alex were around, she wasn’t there. I liked the way the two got to know each other again and in the search to unmask Lex, they ended up discovering that the guy Sebastian and a name they didn’t care about, actually referred to Kasnia, arriving at Red Daughter, Songbird.

The most interesting thing is to see how Nia, or rather, Dreamer, started her own uprising and Kara decided to use it to take people’s anger out of the people’s hearts. She is half human and half alien, so she uses this to her advantage to show the perfect union that can be sealed. Of course, it moves everyone, even Ben’s son, who saw a friend run away from him because he is alien and doesn’t trust him.

Ben went all out for the Dreamer, but when he invaded CatCo, he was ambushed and James put him to run, making it clear that the press is free and he cannot make these invasions. James overcame his own traumas, like the first kidnapping he suffered for Lex, but it was the child dramas alongside Kelly that made him rise and even master his new powers, given by Harun-El. It will be nice to see you fight Lex, who is also powerful.

Now, Ben has been on top of the aliens and did not expect that there would be retaliation by some of them. By taking the father of a family who lived peacefully, he put a hate on his wife that made her take from him what he took from her. So she breaks into Ben’s house and kills his wife. Ben was already going crazy with the death of his father and the whole creation of the Children of Liberty, now I don’t know what his reaction will be, and how his son will see this loss.

Supergirl it took a long time to get into gear, there were many bellies, episodes often with nothing, giving a little bit of characters, let’s see how they will complete their plots.