Supergirl | 4 × 16 – The House of L

 Supergirl |  4 × 16 - The House of L

Supergirl brought an episode to detail Lex’s life, showing him even more insane than we already knew. But not only did it involve Lex, the episode went a little deeper into Red, the Soviet version of Kara, and exposed a good heart, which was totally manipulated.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Right at the beginning we see Lex’s arrest for everything he did, with testimony from James and Lena present in court, that he also intoxicates everyone. The way they prove their strength and their ability to take care of the situation, leaving it all powerful and even insane.

I like the way he gets involved with Kosnia, and even more, since he has Otis Graves and Eve Teschmaster beside him. Speaking of which, the background and layers given to the character are sensational, since she had already left the futile assistant, became the specialist in bio genetics and now enters the fascination layer for Lex.

Kara from Kosnia, or rather, Snowbird, is also gaining more space, and shows us that she has a good heart, but is used by Lex, who uses her search for someone named “Alex” to manipulate her. Lex’s escape from prison to teach Snowbird brings her a “brother”, only on one of the missions in National City, she ends up getting in touch with the life of Kara and her real Alex, which makes her angry with all the lie around you.

I liked Lex using Snowbird’s fragility to destroy what she was most pure, the boy she saved, creating in her a desire for revenge against the Americans. Only Otis did not kill the boy, and hid him.

Now I want to see how Snowbird will handle his anger and how Lex will continue to manipulate even Ben Lockwood.

Supergirl I already had it for the Arrowverse a delightful version of Clark / Superman, who is smiling and has hope in his life, as well as a strong and determined Lois, now the series presents us with a charming, intelligent and insane Lex. Great job in exploring the legacy of Superman.