Supergirl | 4 × 11 – Blood Memory

 Supergirl |  4 × 11 - Blood Memory

Supergirl decided to focus on the relationship between sisters and it was very good. In addition, she placed Nia Nal dealing with family conflicts and exposed her origin and found herself criticized by her sister.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Seeing that Alex doesn’t remember anything about her, Kara decided to take the time to stand beside Nia and help her in some way. The trip to the peaceful city of Partha that has a stop in honor of the good life between humans and aliens, but they put themselves in front of the Children of Liberty with a new drug …

Nia’s meeting with her mother, the vision that she would die and the fact that she did not understand such a vision was very intense, but worse was seeing her without knowing how to act and afraid that her sister would discover that she has the gift. Nia’s sister grew up thinking it would be her with the Dom, but she didn’t and when she learned that her sister has such a gift, she takes out her anger and frustration by saying that she was not even a woman to have inherited.

Kara then gives Nia the greatest support, explains the complications between sisters, says that the prejudiced speech was for a moment of anger, and thus shows Nia that she is a heroine and that the two can do a lot for the world. Kara turns out to be Supergirl, while Nia gets her uniform from her mother.

Alex begins to criticize Supergirl, the two of them even hit the front, which makes Kara without reaction. Except that Alex knows there is something wrong with her, a feeling that something is missing and it will be intriguing to see how she will cope when she learns that her mind is clear of the memory that Kara is Supergirl.

I liked to see Brainy being Supergirl’s replacement in the partnership with Alex, and we had J’onn more active alongside the agent, even because of what might happen to his memories.

I liked the villain of the episode to be a potentiated drug due to an overload of energy in the “Kara” created by Harum El and who is living in Kaznia. In addition, they already call the United States in a way to find a way to save their version of Supergirl.

Another interesting thing is that they are already linking Lena’s experiences to something strange and it was up to James to hide that information and end the investigation… Let’s see how far he will go.

Supergirl he gives the Agent of Liberty a break, but he does not forget his hatred, as he explores other interesting ladies and may change what he expects from the rest of his 4th year.