Supergirl | 4 × 09 – Elseworlds, Part Three

 Supergirl |  4 × 09 - Elseworlds, Part Three

And we come to the last part of the Elseworlds, of Arrowverseending in Supergirl, but further developing the part of Kara’s understanding of her relationship with Alex, which surpasses any multiverse, and a growth for Clark and Lois, which makes us want to see more of this lovely couple.

So let’s go to the Trigger Twins, or rather, Barry and Oliver’s confusions, against Deegan Superman!

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

While Kara was trapped in the former STAR Labs building and making peace with Alex from Earth-1 who here became a Superman agent for Deegan, Oliver and Barry need to seek help, even if she comes from Cisco, who became a famous robber because of his breaches and he needs to help them go to Earth-38 and ask Superman for help again.

With delicious moments, the coolest part of this episode ends up being for those involving Clark and Lois, this new outfit of the classic characters is fun, full of affection and a lot of strength, since Lois is important to defeat Deegan not only taking J’onn J ‘onzz and Brainiac-5 for Earth-1, but also using a weapon to take down Superman.

Another cool point is a “tribute” to the classic Super man (1978) where Supergirl and The Flash need to slow the Earth’s rotation to allow time to take down Deegan, who has the same powers as Clark.

But in the end we have Oliver making an exchange with Monitor, without knowing what it really is, while everything is back to normal, or almost, since Batwoman calls Oliver questioning what he did, because Pirate Psychic is involved with the new way of Deegan and talking too much …

If Oliver and Barry understood that they need to change and that their relationships needed to be revised, in addition to, of course, seeing that in their own way they want to make a difference to the world, Kara learned from Clark that even though she is not in the DEO, she will have Alex to support him, and that alone can also save the world, since he is going to Argo with Lois, because they decided to have a child.

We had an intense time with Clark and Lois, as both are now taking a step in their relationship, planning a child, going to Argo for a while to stay with his aunt Alura and other Kryptonians. His marriage proposal to her was pretty cool, and Lois is always excited.

But at the end of the episode we have a “continues in 2019” and the logo of Crisis in the Infinite LandsArrowverse promises to have the biggest crossover that The CW and the A.D he can dream to deliver, and he couldn’t be more excited about the possibility of this insanely delicious thing, which messes with many nerdy dreams.