Super Drags: Pediatricians call for cancellation of LGBT animated series

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Super Drags hasn’t even debuted yet and is already the target of criticism: according to the UOL website, the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics (SBP) issued a note of appreciation to the new original Brazilian production Netflix, requesting the cancellation of the series for considering it harmful to the child audience. Read the statement:

“SBP respects diversity and defends freedom of expression and art in the country; viewers ”.

Netflix pronouncedly defended itself stating that it is a production aimed at adults and that the title will not be available in the children’s catalog of the streaming service, which also has parental control. A similar case happened in 2016 with the film Festa da Salsicha, broadcast in cinemas and on HBO.

When will people understand that not every animated series is for children?

Super Drags is scheduled for the second half of 2018, but has no release date yet. For now, watch the first season promotional teaser:

By day, they work in a department store and have to put up with the scrotum boss. At night, they heat up the neca and become the SUPER DRAGS, ready to save the world from evil and caretice, facing an unapologetic villain in each episode. Get ready, these SUPER DRAGS go too far.