Stranger Things: Theory indicates that Eleven created the Inverted World

eleven created the inverted world

The origin of Inverted World in is one of the greatest mysteries in the series. Will Byers has already been appointed as the creator of. Now, in a new theory created by fans, Eleven (Eleven) was its creator.

eleven created the inverted world

Summary of

First season of

THE first season of introduced viewers to the fictional city of Hawkins, Indiana, and the Hawkins Laboratory, where some mysterious and dangerous experiments were taking place.

One of them went wrong and ended up opening a portal to a parallel dimension, known as Upside Down. In the same season, Will Byers disappeared and was trapped in the Inverted World.

Second season of

THE second season of dealt with the consequences of the time Will was in the other dimension and the emergence of a new threat: the Mind Eater.

Third season of

THE s third season revealed that the Russians had a secret laboratory under the Starcourt Mall, Eleven lost his powers and everyone was deceived, thinking that Jim Hopper I was dead.

Fourth season of

it is full of mysteries, villains and monsters. THE fourth season you will need to answer many open questions. And one of them is the origin of the Inverted World.

This puzzle was “solved” by a fan, who points to Eleven as the creator of the Inverted World. The theory even makes a lot of sense. Check out more details of this theory released by Reddit.

Theory claims that Eleven created the Inverted World

eleven stranger Things

The theory that elevates Eleven as the creator of the Inverted World, is based on all the traumas and abuses that she went through in the Hawkins Laboratory.

Onze’s mother, Terry Ives, was part of a government program, in which she was subject to many experiments. Terry became pregnant and gave birth to Jane (Eleven), who was born with psychokinetic skills.

Immediately after birth, Jane was kidnapped by Dr. Brenner, making Terry believe that she had a miscarriage.

Eleven grew up in the Laboratory with Brenner as his only father figure. There, she underwent many tests and experiments in order to explore her powers.

During this period, Eleven experienced many traumas and abuses, being dragged and locked in a solitary cell for hours on end, among other things.

It is possible, then, that the Inverted World is a physical manifestation of Eleven’s trauma and the Demogorgon and all creatures in it are representations of their aggressors.

Evidence that the Inverted World was created by Eleven

The best evidence that the Inverted World was created by Eleven is that its history is unknown before the portal opened, as well as its origins.

The other dimension is a lonely place, which could be interpreted as the loneliness that Eleven spent during his time in the Hawkins Laboratory, and the creatures as a representation of Brenner, other scientists and the guards who locked him in the cell.

A second piece of evidence pointed out by the fans is the fact that the Demogorgon is attracted to blood (which was how it arrived in Barb in the first season), but never goes after Eleven when her nose bleeds.

The third evidence is in how Eleven faced the creature in the final episode of the first season. She extends her right hand to channel her powers and the monster does the same.

What if Eleven really created the Inverted World?

If Eleven created the Inverted World, then the only way to get rid of it once and for all is not by closing all portals (in Hawkins, Russia and elsewhere), but by killing Eleven.

Although there has been a good deal of death and tragic moments over the seasons, killing Eleven is very risky for the series.

So, another solution to get rid of the Inverted World and its dangers, would be through the time travel. It is believed that the fourth season of will use time travel and, through it, the group could prevent Brenner from arresting Eleven.

The author of the theory explains that, in this way, a new timeline would be created, where the group of friends are still friends, and would meet Eleven under normal circumstances, such as at school, for example.

Consequences of a time travel in Stranger Things

Time travel would save Eleven from the trauma she suffered at Hawkins’ Laboratory, but it would have other heartbreaking consequences.

In this new mold, Jim Hopper he would never adopt Eleven and would not even know of its existence. THE fourth season of it will probably be the last, so all questions about the Inverted World will be answered. At least that’s what fans expect.