Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson to direct 2nd film about Tintin

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson to direct 2nd film about Tintin

Tintin, who turned 90 last Thursday (10), will star in a second film by Hollywood directors Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg. The character can also win an unprecedented comic. The information was provided by Benoît Mouchart, Casterman’s editorial director, in an interview with a French radio station.

At the end of the year, an “option” was signed for a second part of Tintin’s Adventures in cinema, in charge of Jackson and Spielberg, as well as the first (The secret of the licorne, 2011). This time, the roles will be switched: Jackson, producer of the first, will direct the second.

“There are several possibilities. It could be a mixture of Ottokar’s scepter and The sunflower case, ”said Mouchart. “When there is a trilogy in Hollywood, the second is a little bit darker,” he said.

In an interview with the American website Polygon in late 2018, Jackson explained that, after focusing on a script adapted from The Temple of the Sun, he was given the freedom to choose between “the variety” of stories by the famous journalist and his dog Milu created by the Belgian Hergé 90 years ago.

On the editorial side, in 2019, a new comic can be launched, an option considered for several years. “I would love to publish this year an unpublished one, Tintin and the term-zero”, explained Mouchart.