Steve Trevor will be in Wonder Woman 1984

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The filming of Wonder Woman 1984 has officially started and some images of the set have already been revealed. Among them, one that shows Steve Trevor in flesh and bone. The image of Chris Pine, above, was revealed by Patty Jenkins, director of the feature, on his Twitter with the caption “Welcome to Wonder Woman 1984, Steve Trevor!”:

But how is this possible if the character was taken for dead after sacrificing himself in the heroine’s first film? And even if it survived, the first film was set during World War I, so how could it look the same and still dress in the fashion of the 80s, which would also prevent it from being a vision of Diana? Very strange.

For now, the most plausible explanation takes up rumors created during the first film, that Chris Pine would play two characters, grandfather and grandson, and years after the death of the oldest Diana would meet with his grandson, named after the hero who was your grandfather, and would be confused by so many similarities.

Still, it would be necessary to explain the family ties of the original Trevor, which in the first film does not mention a family and has a brief romance with Diana, thus leaving no trace of having continued his lineage.

All of this we will discover only in November 2019, with the release of Wonder Woman 1984.