Stephen King is the theme of the show at CCBB “Fear is your Best Companion”

Stephen King is the theme of the show at CCBB “Fear is your Best Companion”

THE Banco do Brasil Cultural Center from Rio de Janeiro holds the exhibition Stephen King: Fear Is Your Best Companion in July 24th to August 19th. 41 productions will be shown, including films, telefilms and miniseries, based on the author’s works, in addition to five films that were a reference for his work. With affordable tickets and some free sessions, the program also includes debates and master classes with invited professionals, in addition to sessions with accessibility (pounds and audio description).

After CCBB Rio de Janeiro, the show will be presented at CCBB São Paulo, in September 4th to 30th, and CCBB Brasilia, in October 8th to November 3rd. The project is sponsored by Bank of Brazil, through Federal Culture Incentive Law, and curated by Breno Lira Gomes and Rita Ribeiro.

With the exhibition, the Brazilian public, especially the author’s fans, will have the opportunity to debate his work, discuss his creative process and analyze the adaptations of his books for cinema and television. In addition, the exhibitions are also intended to encourage reading, since the vast majority of the films that make up the selection are based on books by Stephen King.

According to Rita Ribeiro, curator of the show, “in his works and academic writings, King reaffirms the influence of literature and cinema. Therefore, promoting a show that features copies of his filmography and TV adaptations is to promote a walk through the terrors that frighten 21st century man”, And complete,“The exhibition is also an opportunity to discuss the power of literary adaptations for cinema and television. How they can be guaranteed success or devastating failure. Adapted films do not always guarantee their success with the sale of books as a parameter”.

In Rio de Janeiro, after the exhibition of Carrie the Tin, on the 24th of July, the debate “Stephen King and the Cinema”, With the curators and the critic Mario Abbade. The debate “Horror Literature in Cinema”Will be on August 14th, after the Crazy Obsession, with the writer Raphael Montes and the translator Regiane Winarski, in addition to the curators. To participate in the free debates, it is necessary to withdraw the ticket one hour in advance.

The masterclass, taught by Rita Ribeiro, will be held on August 7 and 8, from 2 pm to 4 pm. Under the theme “The Horror That Surrounds Us: From Literature to Cinema”, The course intends to follow the trajectory of horror, investigating the influences of Stephen King and his contributions to the genre and the adaptations of his works for cinema and TV. Classes are free and suitable for people over 16; registrations must be made by email from July 29th.

Stephen King is one of the most outstanding writers of fantastic horror and fiction stories of his generation. Sample Stephen King: Fear Is Your Best Companion intends to unravel the fascination exerted by this writer, who had more than 350 million books sold and won over the main Hollywood directors, who brought adaptations of his works to the screens, such as Stanley Kubrick, Brian De Palma, John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, among others”, Comments Breno de Lira Gomes, curator of the exhibition.

LIST OF MOVIES (arranged in alphabetical order)

The Stand Dance – 1994, 360 min. Waiting for a Miracle (The Green Mile) – 1999, 189 min. The Hour of the Werewolf (Silver Bullet) – 1985, 95 min. The Curse (Thinner) – 1996, 92 min. The Dark Half – 1993, 122 min. Storm Century – 1999, 257 min. X-Files – “Feitiço Episode” (X-Files: EpisodeChinga) – 1998, 44 min. Sometimes They Come Back (Sometimes They Come Back) – 1991, 98 min. Carrie the Stranger (Carrie) – 1976, 92 min. Cursed Cemetery (Pet Sematary) – 1989, 103 min. Flames of Vengeance (Firestarter) – 1984, 124 min. Christine the Killer Car (Christine) 1983, 109 min. Cursed Harvest (Children of The Corn) – 1984, 93 min. Terror Train (Maximum Overdrive) – 1986, 97 min. Account With Me (Stand by Me) – 1986, 89 min. Creepshow – Creeps of Fear (Creepshow) – 1982, 100 min. Whose (Same) 1983 164 min. Despair (Stephen King’s Desperation) – 2006, 131 min. Total Eclipse (Dolores Claiborne) – 1995, 132 min. IT, The Thing (It) – 2017, 134 min. IT – A Masterpiece of Fear (It) – 1990, 192 min. Memories of a Summer (Hearts in Atlantis) – 2001, 101 min. Crazy Obsession (Misery) – 1990.0 107 min. Mangler – The Scream of Terror (The Mangler) – 1995, 106 min. Riding The Bullet – 2004, 98 min. At the Time of the Dead Zone – 1983, 100 min. The Dreamcatcher – 2003, 136 min. The Apprentice (Apt Pupil) – 1998, 111 min. The Shinning – 1980, 120 min. The Shinning – 1997, 273 min. The Mist (The Mist) – 2007, 126 min. The Running Man – 1987, 101 min. Cat’s Eyes (Cat’sEye) – 1985, 94 min. Salem’s Vampires (Salem’sLot) – 1979, 184 min. Evil Pact (Mercy) – 2014, 79 min. Nightmares and Nightcapes (Nightmares and Dreamscapes) – 2006, Vol 1 – 153 min., Vol 2 – 134 min., Vol 3 – 89 min. Bag of Bones – 2012, 157 min. Sleepwalkers – 1992, 91 min.Needful Things – 1993, 120 min. A Dream of Freedom (Shawnshawk Redemption) – 1994, 142 min. Night Flight (RedEye) – 1997, 85 min.


Stephen King: Fear Is Your Best Companion
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