Stephen King and Steven Spielberg almost worked together on Poltergeist

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Stephen King and Steven Spielberg are popular and respected creators who stood out at the same time, but who never worked together. However, they almost did. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the pair revealed that in the early 1980s, when Spielberg was producing Poltergeist, he wanted King’s help to complete the script for the horror film. Unfortunately, time was of the essence and, in 1982, communication was not as easy as it is now and the author was completely inaccessible. “It didn’t work because it was before the internet and we had a communication problem,” comments Stephen King.

He was on a ship crossing to England, and so it was somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, when Steven Spielberg was trying to contact him. When King arrived at his destination and received the message that the director was trying to contact him, Spielberg had already moved on. Although Poltergeist was a solid horror film and well rated by critics and audiences, we wondered what King would have done with the script.

Although they have not contacted each other for work since, Steven Spielberg says he is interested in adapting The Talisman, Stephen King’s novel, to theaters in the coming years. Perhaps it is a good opportunity to finally join forces. For the time being, Steven Spielberg’s most recent work was in the direction of the film Player Nº1. Watch the trailer below:

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