Steelbook of Spider-Man: Far from Home to be released at CCXP 19

Steelbook of Spider-Man: Far from Home to be released at CCXP 19

THE Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, in partnership with Watchers Club, will promote activities for free to Spider-Man fans during the second day of CCXP 2019, which happens between the days December 5th to 8th, at São Paulo Expo (Rod dos Imigrantes, KM 1.5, Água Funda, SP).

Spider-Man: Far From Home which was released in September and October in digital version and, on Blu-ray and DVD, now gains the longed-for version in the Steelbook format containing two Blu-ray discs, one of them exclusive with almost 30 minutes of bonus content. Exclusive sale takes place by Amazon with release date on the day December 4th.

And from 2 pm on December 6, Friday, a panel dedicated to Spider-Man will be promoted at Piziitoys Arena, run by Clube dos Vigias, where fans will be able to discuss the future of the hero in the cinema and compete for the newest Steelbook of the theioso.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is now the greatest Spider-Man movie of all time!

Fervent fans can hardly wait for the arrival of the Steelbook, which completes their neighborhood friend collection. The generous list of extras that comes with the Blu-ray format of Spider-Man: Far From Home now comes with an even more exciting and definitive second album. Get ready for the “Web Shooter (WWWeb Slinger)” and an in-depth look at what makes the Spider-Man: Far From Home an adventure around the world with new interviews and backstage with the cast and crew.