Steam Summer Sale has started, and with it the Store Points

Steam Summer Sale has started, and with it the Store Points

Source: Steam

This time Valve does not introduce any mini games or challenges accompanying the Summer Sale, instead a section has been launched in which we will find a new digital store. From now on, the platform will award us 126 points for every PLN 5 spent on games, DLC, equipment, applications, soundtracks or digital items. However, unlike the Steam Wallet, we will not use the accumulated points to buy games or collector cards – we will spend them in the points store.

The resources of the new store are divided into two main sections, profile items and chat items. In each of them you will find a number of Steam beautifying items. We’ll buy animated avatars, frames around them and backgrounds for the profile, and animated stickers, visual effects and emoticons for chat. Interestingly, all items purchased during the sale will stay with us forever and will not disappear after the event. Just like the points store itself, which will operate throughout the year.

It is worth noting that Steam has far-reaching plans for points and does not want to limit them only to the role of currency for visual add-ons. Today we can also spend them on community awards to award a special icon to the authors of extremely successful reviews or items from the Workshop. Valve assures that in the future he wants to use the points for other purposes, but does not reveal what we can expect. The introduction of the Points Store will not affect the current mechanics of collector cards and badges – Valve will continue to reward us with cards for browsing the queue during sales, and will collect a special Steam Summer sale badge for collecting all of them.

But let’s not forget that Steam Summer e-sale is primarily a mass sale of games. With a several dozen percent discount we will buy, among others Borderlands 3, DOOM Eternal or Need for Speed: Heat. It’s time to look through wish lists for discounted games that we have long wanted to play, but so far they have been too expensive for us. In addition, we can count on a PLN 17 travel discount on purchases over PLN 100. The sale will last until July 9 until 19:00.