Starring Leonardo Medeiros, Kardec gets trailer and poster

Starring Leonardo Medeiros, Kardec gets trailer and poster

The poster and trailer for the biopic has just been released Kardec. The scenes show the skeptical professor Rivail, passionate about scientific knowledge, on his journey to understand the origin of the messages sent to him through different mediums. In the middle of 19th century Paris, he investigated the phenomenon of turning tables until he became the codifier of the spiritist doctrine and assumed the pseudonym Allan Kardec.

Directed by Wagner de Assis (Our home, Indigo Girl), the feature is based on the book Kardec – The Biography, in Marcel Souto Maior. Leonardo Medeiros is Allan Kardec and Sandra Corveloni (winner of the Best Actress award in the Cannes Festival) lives his wife, Amélie-Gabrielle Boudet. Production is by Conspiracy (2 Children of Francisco, Gonzaga – from Pai Pra Filho, Lope) and the distribution of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

With script Wagner de Assis and LG Bayão (Sister Dulce, Heleno and My Bad Fame), Kardec opens on the national cinema circuit on May 16.

Complete the cast Guilherme Piva (Didier), Genézio de Barros (Father Boutin), Guida Vianna (Madame De Plainemaison), Julia Konrad (Ruth-Celine), Charles Fricks (Charles Baudin), Licurgo Espinola (Mr. Babinet), Leticia Braga (Julie), Julia Svacinna (Caroline), Dalton Vigh (Mr. Dufaux) and Louise D’Tuani (Ermance Dufaux).

Kardec hits theaters on the day May 16.