Star Wars can be reset by Lucasfilm

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Since the return of the Star Wars franchise to the center of mainstream culture with The Force Awakens in 2015, Lucasfilm has faced harsh criticism from the traditional audience of the saga for its attempt to re-present the franchise in a new trilogy according to the trends of the contemporary audience and the failure of the studio’s last two projects, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story, may have made them rethink their ideals.

The rumors are started after the news that the Lego Star Wars Day event, celebrated annually in California, was canceled in an attempt to “correct the course of the franchise”: according to the website, “the motivation is to rethink expansion and limit expansion Star Wars to reset the franchise and allow the fandom to heal, “without further details.

While Lucasfilm no longer pronounces on this, we look forward to the long-awaited closure of the third Star Wars trilogy, expected to hit theaters on December 20 this year. The movie Star Wars: Episode IX still remains untitled and its first trailer is expected to be released soon – probably soon after Disney blows the dust off Avengers: Endgame, expected in late April.

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