Star Trek: Simon Pegg confesses that it is unimaginable to move on without Anton Yelchin

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Two years ago, Anton Yelchin, a young actor responsible for Pavel Chekov’s role in the new remake of Star Trek, was killed in an accident. Since then, nothing new about the franchise has been revealed, but now that new films have been commented on, Monttomery Scott actor Simon Pegg comments:

“I know we are going to do more (movies). I would love to – I love these guys. Of course it is difficult because we lost Anton and moving on without him still seems unimaginable.”

Star Trek 4 already has its script under construction, but it will be a challenge for the cast to face the reality of working without Anton Yelchin, who passed away a month before the debut of Star Trek: Without Borders. The public hopes that Stark Trek 4 will give the cast and studios the opportunity to honor the late actor.

JJ Abrams, director responsible for previous films, has already said that they have no intention of opening auditions for the role Pavel Chekov, respecting the loss of the actor and his character, even though this is marked by his amusing support in the crew. For the next films, although nothing has been confirmed, there is still the possibility that at least one new Star Trek will be directed by Quentin Tarantino.

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