Star Trek: Discovery | 2 × 13 – Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1

 Star Trek: Discovery |  2 × 13 - Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1

AND Star Trek: Discovery it is close to another season finale and could not prepare us so well for what is to come. The way the entire crew of Discovery reacts to the uncertain future, and the need to leave for the Enterprise was sensational, especially when we entered the command bridge of the dear Starfleet ship with its colors and even the presence of Number One, which you are always a strong character.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Michael’s steps and the fate to be taken are evident, especially with the Sphere data taking over Discovery and preventing them from being lost forever. So the way to blow up the ship is a fiasco and Michael knows that he will have to take action on his own.

I enjoyed seeing the future she saw, with the entire crew dying at the hands of Leland and Control. The pain of losing Saru, Joann, Pike and everyone else was very intense.

The decision to send Discovery to a distant future and with it opening the path of the ship on autopilot was an excellent one. I loved seeing the new red light taking them to Queen Me Hani Ika Hali Ka Po and her extraordinary intelligence, at the age of 17 and still very friendly with Tilly.

When everyone at Discovery decided to sacrifice themselves by going with Michael, it was surreal. Michael had a beautiful time with Amanda and Sarek, something that was emotionally missed by his mother, Dr. Burnham, but it is the parting calls from the rest of the crew that really move us. Saru, Stamets, Tilly, Joann, Detmer and many others who want to do everything possible for Control not to dominate the data, and show that being in Starfleet is a commitment above all.

If on that side the sentimental drama was really cool, the rest of the scientific part we had easy ways out, like creating a supernova, a wormhole and the trip itself to the future inside it. Everything is going very easy, for the script to focus on the rush to escape the Control that is a few steps away from the Enterprise and they need to remove some crew members.

We can already imagine some events, such as Spock not going with Michael, of course, but the question remains of what will happen to them to “forget” the existence of Discovery and its crew, because in the other series they were never mentioned, and even Spock never spoke of a foster sister.

Now, how not to laugh at Georgiou’s moments and his ideas of destruction, or Pike’s reaction to discovering that she is from another dimension …

Star Trek: Discovery is a delightful series to follow and shows that it has a lot to do, but it needs to escape some unnecessary dramas and focus more on the adventurous and pioneering side, and with the changes to come, I think she can do it well, because the sharp cast showed that it has the chemistry and strength to do that.