Star Trek: Discovery | 2 × 10 – The Red Angel

 Star Trek: Discovery |  2 × 10 - The Red Angel

Star Trek: Discovery now focuses on the Red Angel, but still brings a very beautiful funeral for Airiam, leaving everyone thrilled with the crew’s commitment to Starfleet and their friends. Only it is the bio-neural of the Red Angel that ends up surprising and changing the course of the series.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Right away Tilly says that the bio-neural signature found on the Red Angel’s traces matches Michael, the series runs to understand how the angel makes the jumps and what Michael from the future wants to teach them. The point is that to stop the evolution of artificial intelligence that wants to destroy the conscious life of the galaxy, they need to arrest the angel.

Michael soon puts himself on the front line, since since she is herself from the future, if she puts herself in danger of death, she must come and rescue her. Confused, but everyone is worried about the exit, bringing an interesting dialogue between her and Spock, which is incredible in the series, and even a moment of love between Michael and Tyler.

Only it is the encounter between Michael and Leland that catches on fire, since he assumes that his parents were working on the time travel project, and he did not warn that the Klingons tracked them in time for them to flee. All these years Michael blamed himself for the death of his parents, as she wanted to see an event in the skies and so they did not escape. Of course, she punches Leland twice.

Pike, Cornwell and Georgiou stood a little sideways in the plot, only with the responsibility of leadership and the concern of a possible death of Michael. Culber begins to admire Stamets, and Cornwell makes it clear that love is a choice and he can change his own path.

Finally, we had the trap to arrest the Red Angel, who almost killed Michael, and yet he made Spock stand against all the crew and even his commanders, because he believed in Michael’s proposal. When Michael is almost passed out, the angel appears and Leland locks the wormhole from which he comes out.

Here’s the surprise: the Red Angel is Michael’s mother!

Saru had little moments, Tilly, Stamets, Michael, Joann, Saru and Detmer give a very nice speech at Airiam’s funeral, and the actress who played the character in Season 1, Sara Mitich, returns as Lieutenant Nilsson, who enters Airiam’s seat.

I am still looking forward to seeing the consequences of this for Star Trek: Discovery and how Michael’s mother got there.