Star Trek: Discovery | 2 × 08 – If Memory Serves

 Star Trek: Discovery |  2 × 08 - If Memory Serves

Welcome to Talos IV!

Star Trek: Discovery already begins its episodes showing the planet and the first expedition of Pike, Spock, Number One and crew of the Enterprise. Of course, at the beginning we have a “recap” of the plot, we see the Talosians as an expert in minds and we know the passion of Pike, Vina.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Soon after, we followed Michael and Spock to a planet that has a restricted Starfleet access and it hides behind a black hole, which is a mental weapon to ward off intruders. Vina’s introduction to Michael, the talk about Pike and how they show that Talosians can save Spock’s mind is very cool, but they ask for Michael’s most painful remembrance for them.

Managing to free Spock’s mind, what we found is that he knows that the Red Angel is a human, but worse than that, he knows that the galaxy as it is today will be destroyed, only that no one knows who commands the attacks of the machines for this. . But the series opens a way out for Airiam and the triangle with three red dots that appear in his eyes.

The idea of ​​Starfleet is to study Spock’s mind, which was flowing between past, present and future, and his search for logic was freaking him out. So he didn’t kill people, but he disagreed with them, only that Starfleet to justify the Section 31 mission ends up talking about the murders and putting Leland and Georgiou ahead.

Except that Michael and Spock end up being smarter, and when Leland intercepts them he ends up taking Talosian mental holograms, while they land safely on Discovery. I was tense with Georgiou saying that he decimated the planet in the Terran universe when the Talosians tried to mess with their heads.

Vina then said goodbye to Pike, while Michael and Spock talk about the grudge between them, which was actually an attempt by their sister to protect him, as she drives him away so she can leave and save Amanda’s life, Sarek and Spock, as some extremist Volcans wanted to kill them.

Now Discovery will be hunted for helping Spock and Michael as they seek to find out not only who the Red Angel is, but who are responsible for the end of the thinking galaxy.

The plot of Stamets and Culber ends up falling to despair, because just returned from the dead, Culber does not feel and cannot connect with anyone, moving away from Stamets instead. In the meantime he still fights with Tyler, wanting to get back at Voq, who took his life and caused all this pain.

Star Trek: Discovery it has had an interesting evolution, a little slow, but it traces a very good path, with adventure, science and action in the right measure.