Star Trek: Discovery | 2 × 06 – The Sounds of Thunder

 Star Trek: Discovery |  2 × 06 - The Sounds of Thunder

And again the Red Angel interferes in the plot of Star Trek: Discovery at a crucial moment, it saves lives, and opens up a new view on your intentions, power and the fact of looking like a human in a highly advanced suit. In addition, it creates a moral confrontation between Pike and Tyler, due to visions of the Fleet and Section 31.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

First let’s go to the “simplest” plot. Culber is recovering well, nothing abnormal has been found in his new body, quite the contrary, he asked for a scar and is literally healed, only the thing that shakes him is that he does not feel himself, and it is understandable after everything that happened. I liked Saru’s speech to him, about him becoming something even better, but I am concerned about his relationship with Stamets.

If Saru is learning to live without “fear”, something intense in his Kelpian DNA, the discovery that the new red storm was seen in Kaminar, his home planet. His whole history of disappearing from the planet, meeting the unknown, joining Lieutenant Georgiou, everything is very well explained, but the “fear” and the reason for leaving Syrianna, his sister, behind.

It is then that we see him wanting to go there, taking the reins and the courage of his life, even though Pike believes that if he does that he could break Order Number One of the Starfleet. In a very complicated moment, we see Saru break protocols and clash with Pike, leaving all the crew shocked, as it is necessary for Michael to interfere in the situation.

The plot then introduces us to Syranna, the peace that exists in Kaminar, and the whole concept of Vahar’ai is presented with the statement that his parents were taken by the Bu’al to sacrifice and guarantee Balance. The problem is that the Bu’al discover the presence of Saru, who only flees because of Michael, but returns to save his sister, but both are captured.

The scientific part, the way the history of the Sphere can help Michael and Tilly to figure out how to prevent the Kelpians and the Bu’al from fighting is very cool, but it is a strange feeling that the sphere knows so much from so far. But at the same time, it is a good taste to see history, how it changes, how the bu’al were almost exterminated by the kelpians in vahar’al, so they then decided to help them co-exist.

Saru throwing barbs, like hedgehogs when in danger, instead of being afraid, and showing us his “super strength” was sensational, and him seeing his sister’s pain going through Discovery’s forced vahar’al to all Kalpians, was interesting .

Now it is time to see if the series will address more of the peace project between Kelpians and Bu’al and how it will all unfold, since Syranna will stay in Kaminar, to pass lucidity to everyone, while Saru continues his journey.

Most important fact is that Saru came face to face with the Red Angel and we could see that his outfit is armor, making sure that he is someone traveling in time, which leads to theories that it may be Michael, maybe even Spock. We are still looking forward to it, but for now we should see more discussions between Tyler and Pike, as they both don’t agree on the Angel’s intentions and how he can complicate everything.

Star Trek: Discovery has presented its plots and entered them in very interesting ways, while it traces the route of its central plot well.