Star Trek: Discovery | 2 × 05 – Saints of Imperfection

 Star Trek: Discovery |  2 × 05 - Saints of Imperfection

Star Trek: Discovery managed to meet again this season and all this development over space explorations, science, technology, and also moving the past plot in order to give a conclusion to the trips through the micellar network, is sensational to follow. Ah! And they focused on the chase by Spock …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Stamets and Reno found that Tilly was transported into the micellar network and the idea of ​​making Discovery fall headfirst into the network was sensational. All the development to this point, the conversations about leaving no one behind Captain Pike, everything was very interesting.

But before that, the most tense moment was Georgiou’s conversation with Pike. The two studied together and quickly the captain saw that there was something wrong with the captain, and Ash’s arrival at Discovery made everything more intriguing, as he saw that there is a lot behind this story and Michael knows what is happening and he asks that she tells the truth, in her time.

Section 31, going after Spock and Georgiou to be on their ship, was a good turnaround and shows more of the missions they will face in their spin-off, camouflaging themselves, invading and doing what the Star Troop is unable to do. Putting Leland in charge of the ship and showing the difference between him and Pike, and a little of their rivalry, set the tone for the series. I laughed with Cornwell showing up to appease the two and complain about how complicated the two men are.

Returning to the rescue mission… Tilly inside the micellar net saw that the jahSep, the race that lives inside the net, are dying because of a “monster” and wants her help. The point is that with the arrival of Stamets and Michael, the group discovers that the monster is none other than Culber, who had his life taken by the tear Stamets kissed in his eye for the network.

The jahSep, imagining themselves to be an intruder, ended up recreating all the Culber material on the net, and with him lost and to protect himself from the jahSep’s touches, which burn when touching humans, he takes the juice from a tree that is fatal to them and covers entirely.

The way out to bring Culber out of the network was very interesting, and emotional, because even at the last moment it seemed that it would not happen, but May decides to close the door of the network making him exit through the jacket, which contains DNA and human matter. So we have Culber back, but without knowing what happened to him on the network.

The fact is that with his departure and the discovery that travel through the micellar network is decimating a dimension, races and life itself, it should be cut soon, aligning a little more. Star Trek: Discovery of the classic series.

Finally, we have Georgiou talking to Michael and showing that she has an emotional footing, even if the Empress should not be trusted. The fight between the two and the way Gergiou offends her for bringing her into this dimension was intense, but the balance is the fact that Gergiou does not want to lose this Michael anymore. The question is how far Michael will trust, even though he knows that the Empress could have already done something there.

Star Trek: Discovery has a lot to show, I like these explorations, but the discovery that together with the Red Angel and his passage through the exploding organic planet and all the connections, having tachyons, shows us that we will have some time travels ahead… Now I want to see the Spock!