Star Trek: Discovery | 2 × 04 – An Obol for Charon

 Star Trek: Discovery |  2 × 04 - An Obol for Charon

Still maintaining your connections with Star Trek, the classic series, even stronger, Star Trek: Discovery he continues his search for Spock, works his plot with the micellar network, but what I have really liked is the connections. Here we see Number One (Rebecca Romjin) going to talk to Pike and him making it clear to Michael that his crewman gets what he needs always.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Of course I went after it and found a picture of the character in the classic series and I really liked the current characterization. One thing that has pleased me is the nuances of Discover’s more closed clothing with the “cheerful” and colorful crew of the Enterprise.

This episode brought a great and ancient organic planet that in its final moments, just wanted to go over its history of millions of years and for that reason intercepted Discovery for it to record its memories. I liked the ship to be overloaded and lose the universal translator, reinforcing that without it nobody would understand each other, in a huge Tower of Babel.

But the consequences for Saru are more interesting, because while he believes he will die, in a fate that is dominated by his species called vahar’ai, he discovers that his nodes swell and fall, takes away the fear, something so specific to his specimen. His farewell to Michael, his talk about his sister, the pain of leaving his planet. Everything was so intense and with that intensity you could understand the character’s frustration, that he saw the loss of his ganglion as a new passage in his life.

Seeing Saru’s disappointments and his sister’s lack, Michael, who had previously told Pike that he didn’t want to talk to Spock, ends up giving in and willing to settle with his brother.

Now just trace the route of Spock’s ship and go find him, if nothing else comes your way. I liked the role of each of the crew in the face of the language problem and the focus given to studies and the importance of knowing new languages, but above all, empathy. It is empathy that makes Saru connect to the planet and make even Michael give in.

And finally, we have the fungus growing and connecting to Tilly again, just to communicate with Stamets and Reno and announce that with each jump through the micellar network, it destroyed their homeland. The network then proves to be toxic and this already discards it as a navigation method, remembering that these jumps never existed in the other series.

Tilly is now sick and controlled by the fungus, which grows and releases waste that controls the mind of Stamets and Reno, who upon waking up, realize that their friend has disappeared. High point for the discussions of Stamets and Reno, and how Tilly is in the middle of the two.

Star Trek: Discovery approaches Spock and already intrigues us to understand the character’s vision of events and his connection to that Red Angel.