Star Trek: Discovery | 2 × 03 – Point of Light

 Star Trek: Discovery |  2 × 03 - Point of Light

In its 3rd episode Star Trek: Discovery shows us that Spock’s fate is unknown and it’s time to go after the volcano to understand the points of light, but the focus ends up being Ash and L’Rel and what appears to be a “pilot” to introduce us to Section 31, the black starfleet insignia.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

L’Rel faces serious problems to control the Klingon houses, as she is a woman and some men do not trust the presence of an Earthman at her side like the Flame, even though she explains it is an experiment and inside there is a Klingon. Ash at first only thinks about Michael, but when he learns from his son that Voq, himself, had with L’Rel, he starts to want to be beside her, showing how confused his head is.

So the two do their best to be together and still save the child, but they are captured and are only saved when a mysterious presence appears. Then we see Captain Philippa Girogiou entering with everything and destroying those who were against L’Rel. The only way out and guaranteeing the leadership of the Klingon “mother” is for Ash to take the blame …

In the end we have Ash joining Section 31 alongside Giorgiou and other “strangers” and she making it clear that she needs people like that. These strangers are the crew capable of anything to follow orders from Starfleet, where Giorgiou now fits perfectly. Remembering that we will have a spin-off of the series with them and headed by Michelle Yeoh.

With two parallel plots around this cycle closure of L’Rel and Ash, we have Tilly dealing with May in her head, so that we discover that she is a parasite of the spores that stayed in her and was in search of the captain, who in the end became proved to be Stamets, since he was the one who “captained” Discovery down the road. Saru then removes Tilly’s being and imprisons him … It could be another way of understanding this organism.

The other part was for the surprise arrival of Amanda, Spock’s mother, in an attempt to understand where the son went, and bringing Michael to his understanding, they end up talking about the Red Angel he saw and is now appearing to more people. It was interesting how Michael put Captain Pike into the plot and made him accept the journey to go after his mate.

Spock checked into a clinic, but when Amanda went there, she found that her son was taken and no one told where. Let’s see what the journey will be like to discover his whereabouts and what is the people’s interest in omitting him and even inventing that he killed a person.

Star Trek: Discovery it remains intense and this more adventurous and scientific side takes on a more interesting tone for the series. I hope that the next episode will return to the research direction, as this really was a conclusion of the cycle of the other characters.