Star Trek: Discovery | 2 × 02 – New Eden

 Star Trek: Discovery |  2 × 02 - New Eden

Much to see the consistent form that the series has taken in this new year, really focusing on exploratory issues and developing all its characters. With so much to be explored Star Trek: Discovery focuses on the 7 signs and turns Spock’s presence into a mystery.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

After finding the first sign, behold, Spock’s help and the fact that Michael finds his notes, ends up putting Discovery in the direction of the 2nd sign. The point is that it is 150,000 light years away, taking generations to get there with the double time they have, so we have Tilly getting into the plot.

Tilly then decides to convince Stamets to use the spore trip once again. Stamets accepts the mission, but dreaming that he could meet Hugh again, he has it destroyed by not finding him.

The big planet has such a mystery, and it was very nice to see Pike and Michael discussing science and faith, as well as asking the question of a post-World War 3 Order, which happened in 2053. We discovered as soon as a church was moved from Earth to that planet by an entity, and that there they a New Eden.

Pike then rethinks his attitudes and it is very interesting to see him interact with Michael and still give Joann more space in the local studies. And he alone links the dots with the red being that Michael saw in the first dot.

To save the 3 who were on the planet, and the planet itself with its inhabitants, Saru ends up needing to allow Tilly to use the asteroid, which she already has a reasonable size for studies, to create a way for him to attract waste and prevent they would fall on the planet and create an extinction. With Stamets connected to the spores and Detmer flying the ship carefully, everyone ends up having a large space for development.

Tilly then gains space by also seeing things after contact with the Dark Matter, bringing a late high school friend, May, to her mind, just as Hugh appears to Stamets. I want to see how this experience is going on and its explanations

As Star Trek: Discovery grows and assembles this initial plot involving the signs and still keeping curiosity on top of the spores, the series brings the best concept of Star Trek for its dynamics, with exploration and adventures.

A surprise for the series is Anson Mount, which after its catastrophic presence in Marvel – Inhumans, leaving a good doubt about his talent and work, but here he is bringing a surprise over his Captain Christopher Pike.