Stan Lee’s daughter sues her father’s former manager for theft and abuse of the elderly

Stan Lee’s daughter sues her father’s former manager for theft and abuse of the elderly

Stan Lee’s daughter Joan Celia Lee sued the writer’s former manager Max Anderson for abuse of the elderly, breach of contract and theft. The information is from the TMZ website.

According to her, the man managed the financial reserves of the Marvel director – who died at the age of 85 in November 2018 – and took advantage of Lee’s advanced age to pocket the money he earned from events and productions.

According to the court documents, Anderson raised $ 800,000 (about R $ 3 million, at the current rate) with appearances by the writer and pocketed more than $ 700,000 (R $ 2.7 million) – even though the contract guarantee you only 10% to 25% of the profit.

Joan also claims that the former businessman overburdened Stan Lee with several jobs, causing him to sign “hundreds” of deals, without considering the elderly person’s vision problem. In addition, she says officials witnessed physical threats between her father and Anderson.

A nurse and two other employees of the superhero creator are involved in the case. They are also being sued.

Stan Lee fell out with his daughter over money

Although Joan Lee defended her father against alleged abuse, the Hollywood Reporter had access to a statement allegedly signed by the writer, from April 2018, in which he accused his daughter and people close to her of trying to appropriate her money and properties.

Lee said that although his 67-year-old daughter was unable to support herself, she spent up to R $ 136,000 a month on a credit card. Therefore, he and his wife, who died in 2017, had created a fund so that, after his death, she would not be left destitute.

The writer also said that Joan constantly asked him to pass money and property from the fund to her name, a wish he always denied because he feared for her future when he was dead. Stan Lee left an inheritance of more than R $ 185 million to Joan Celia Lee.

Stan Lee’s former manager arrested on elder abuse charges