Stan Lee reveals that Spider-Man barely existed

Stan Lee reveals that Spider-Man barely existed

From the observation of a fly on a wall came the idea of ​​Spider-Man, one of the most popular superheroes in the world – explained its creator, Stan Lee, in Tokyo, adding that the character almost did not exist.

The idea was instantaneous, but finding a man for the hero was much more complicated, confessed Lee, 94, who at first thought about Fly Man, or Mosquito Man.

“The name Homem-Mosca didn’t seem very spectacular. So, I thought about Mosquito-Man, but after I pronounced Spider-Man, the name sounded very good ”, recalled the ‘father’ of the superhero. The artist, who wanted to innovate, imagined that the character should be a teenager with many personal problems.

“He would have no money, he would live with his sick aunt, who he would have to take care of, and, moreover, he would fight the bad guys,” said Lee, recalling the first time he presented the project to his boss.

“Stan, this is the worst idea I’ve ever heard,” replied the editor at the time. “A superhero is evidently an adult who cannot afford to have problems,” added the boss. “Furthermore, people hate spiders. It will never be called ‘Spider-Man!’ ”, Decreed the editor, he said.

Lee was allowed, however, to put his new character in the last issue of a magazine ordered to be canceled. “Just to have fun, to kill the urge, I managed to include ‘Spider-Man’ in that last issue and I didn’t think about him again,” added the creator.

“A month later, when they heard about the sales figures, my boss came running and said to me: ‘Remember that character we both love so much? We are going to do a series ”, he recalled, in a tone of irony.